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JULinux Legacy CD

I've noticed that Ubuntu 9.10 and other Ubuntu based distributions won't install on certain 32 bit CPU's so I installed an alternative kernel along with lilo to make a Legacy version. (I also fixed the Finish_Install.sh)

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2010-04-27

JULinuXP 32 bit

Title: JULinuXP 32 bit Full and lite (DVD and CD)
Entered-date: 02-10-2009
Description: This version of JULinux unofficially called JULinuXP not only closely resembles Windows XP, easily runs Windows programs, and behaves like Windows XP but you will find that everything you need you have after Finishing the install. All the codecs, players, etc. will be installed upon executing the Finish_Install.sh script on the Desktop and agreeing to the agreement.... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2010-03-11

JULinux x86 and x86_64

This is going to be really cool! I've figured out a way to give users even more of what they want out of Linux by customizing everything a little further in Ubuntu 9.10. I finally found a newer distribution I'm happy with. I'm not sure if I'll wait to put the install scripts together before I deploy an alpha version or not but it's going to be fun. I can't give you all the details yet but it will sure beat

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2010-01-05

We Made It To The Front Page News!

(From the Lewiston Morning Tribune's front page)


PDF scans of the article will be added later but for now you can go to http://www.lmtribune.com/story/northwest/501047/ if you have a Lewiston Morning Tribune Account to view that link.

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Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-12-27

Official JULinux Release Announcemen

First off JULinux is like an unattended net install of Ubuntu Ultumate Edition that fits on a CD and uses a ftp http server for the install files with unlimited bandwidth.

JULinux is the version I am most proud of being a part of and grateful for being able to release to the world. Why am I grateful or Thankful as in Thanksgiving? Because it is not I alone who have solved these problems in my release and found new ways to do things in an automated fashion that is more simple to the end user but the living God within me who works threw my hands. Believe me the last thing I want to do is take credit for this Linux Distribution.... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-11-30

JULinux is out now.

I finished uploading JULinux yesterday. I've tested it here and it
worked 100% without glitches of any kind when doing the install in the
proper order. I am not convinced yet that it is perfect or without
glitches so that's why I haven't anounced it on Sourceforge.net or the
torrent sites. You can go to www.justuselinux.com and click download and
get a copy if you like. All the notes are there. Please test it out for
me and let me know what you think. If there are errors you can reply to
this e-mail or you can click the Feedback tab on the left side of
www.justuselinux.com. Or better yet post in our forums.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-11-24

JULinux is coming soon.

JULinux will be a major stepping stone in getting where we want to be. In JULinux we have fixed the install scripts so that they will tell the user how to install them. The final fixed scripts will be python based with a GUI. We have added Ultamatix ( http://www.ultamatix.com/ ) to the install scripts so that after the user finishes the install the Ultamatix GUI will be automatically opened. This will be awesome. Because we have had issues getting our ftp server to accept the entire tar.gz script file we will no longer be maintaining it there, instead it will be strictly torrent based. You will be able to download the iso via ftp if you like. We will strongly encourage people to download the torrent. We may even tell the script in JULinux to launch Transmission and open the torrent file. The online install will always be optional. We hope some day to have the deb files hosted on our own server so that none of this will be necessary. The problem now is that the file names are not compatible with Yahoo's servers. I've been tempted to have k3b change the file names to legacy windows compatible names. The Usplash has finally been fixed. I had issues getting mine to work in 8.04 so we went with a standard "LINUX" Usplash we found on gnome-look.org. I think that people will be very excited. I know I am.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-11-12

2000 downloads in 24 hours!

Our Yahoo Small business server mindblowingidea.com has reported that in 24 hours 2000 people accessed and downloaded files from our server! It didn't tell us where people were referred from. Whoever it was thank you and also thank the Lord Jesus Christ.

Also the .iso on the ftp / http server was corrupt so I re-uploaded it.

The downloads occured 10/19/2009. So far today we have had 757 files accessed on our server. ... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-10-21


JULinux is complete:

Bug Fixes in this version: smile1.gif

*Fixed missing human.xml bug.
*Fixed bad system sounds.
*Fixed PlayOnLinux install version repository in BigMac32 Installer
*Fixed Online Installer as well

Bugs still to be fixed. angry.gif
*Splashy does not work right out of the box.
-- To fix this after the initial install just go to the Gnome start button, System &gt; Administration &gt; Start Up Manager. Set it to use 800 x 600 at 24 bit and close Start Up Manager and restart the computer.
*The scripts that are downloaded must be manually started.
-- After the folder is extracted to the Desktop open it and double click on install.sh and then click &quot;Run In Terminal&quot;.... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-10-15


I found the problem in the install.sh script and fixed it. The problem was the repository that was being used. Now that it's fixed I'll just have to upload the Failsafe all over again but the Online one works just fine.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-10-10

What do you think? JULinux_0.1.4.5

First of all let me post any bugs I've found.


The BIGMAC installer either does not have the right version of PlayOnLinux or the repo's aren't working right. The fix is: http://www.mindblowingidea.com/mirror/shh/playonlinux.sh

The theme previously used appeared to contain proprietary Microsoft icons so it was removed. Apparently it had replaced the human theme in the past and apparently it throws up an error saying it can't find the human theme. This is not a problem.... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-10-09

www.justuselinux.com !!!!

Yahoo could not get our domain www.just-use-linux.com transferred so now we own http://www.justuselinux.com . It was available! :) Also we are in the edge of releasing a stable JULinux that has all the capabilities we've previously offered plus more. We have added a Full Install script that installs everything you need. The cool part is we also added a Failsafe install script that downloads with the .deb packages needed to install everything! So no more broken repos or whatever. It also copies all the packages into apt's cache directory so that synaptic and apt-get won't complain about dependencies. It also opens synaptic at the end and instructs the user to check for broken packages. ... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-09-30


We have a Youth Center / Linux Video Game Arcade that we have been operating since August 16th 2008

We are asking for prayer. Our power will be shut off on Monday the 21st unless the Lord provides a miracle. Also keep the children in your prayers. God Bless.

If you want to help us out by sending money for some reason please send it to Computer Rescue, PO Box 485, Pomeroy WA, 99347

On another unrelated note for some reason RC2 does not support CUPS. We don't know why yet.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-09-20

JULinux RC2 is out

We seem to be having a bug after but not before install with CUPS. It involves ssl. If someone can figure out how to fix this we would appreciate it. Thanks.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-09-16

Join our cause

Find out what all the action is about. http://apps.facebook.com/causes/298244

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-08-06

Check out what JULinux can do!

Go to www.just-use-linux.com and watch the cool new video!

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-06-26

JULinux Alpha Is Now Available

Go To http://www.mindblowingidea.com/JULinux and get the latest alpha release if you want to see a preview of what JULinux is going to be.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-05-22

The Last Ubuntu based Ultumix

Next week we will be releasing the last version of Ultumix TM GNU/Linux based off of Ubuntu. All of our next versions will be pure Debian. We have had some issues with the current Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 including but not limited to restrictions for older versions of software and / or hardware. The last Ubuntu based versions will be much faster, lighter, and come with more options than in previous versions. The 64 bit version will be more like knoppix on the kernel level and for this reason will be much more compatible and faster. It will also include new, more simplistic install scripts that only require a click and your password. The 32 bit versions of Ultumix released next week or shortly after will be very light weight. Unlike most versions of Ultumix we focused this time on being more light weight and stripping everything out. While our 64 bit KDE version has Office 2007 support and lots of other fun goodies the 32 bit version will be a bit reserved. We will be removing KDE 3.5 and compiz so it will fit on a CD (hopefully) and we will also put out a lighter version with XFCE like interfaces. I think that these days most people who care about Eye candy and the Windows interface probably have 64 bit PCs. As for poor countries they are probably more willing to learn to get by without it. ... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2008-11-15


Shawn in Florida set us up a nice FTP Server / Mirror for Ultumix TM GNU/Linux now linked to on the download page. We can't wait to put out the next version, however we have been very busy with the children at our video game arcade and Christian counseling center here: http://www.mindblowingidea.com/VideoGame

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2008-10-03

We have a good review from the media!

at http://www.freewebs.com/techonline/ we received our first public positive review that was not received just in our own forums. It's at the bottom of the page. We got a 9.1 out of 10 and they even referred to us as being better than Windows and Macintosh combined! Check it out.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2008-07-15

Ultumix TM GNU/Linux will be free as in freedom very soon!

Yes I've had a long talk with Richard M. Stallman and I've finally come to realize threw personal experiences how right he is about not using non-free software.

Current NVIDIA Drivers for GNU/Linux suck. They don't work right any more with 32 bit distros and you have to jump threw a hoop, dig a hole in the ground under the subway but over the gas lines and then the NVIDIA driver will work depending on how new your card is and your Kernel. :)... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2008-07-13

FTP/HTTP Mirror will be up 6/11/2008 for Ultumix GNU/Linux

Thanks to http://www.ampedfear.com/ we have a Mirror! :) So feel free to download the Ultumix 64 bit midnight tonight of 6/10/2008 and the 32 bit after 6/11/2008.

Happy downloading and thanks to AmpedFear.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2008-06-10

Ultumix is now available for download. :)

Ultumix is now available for download. Please see www.ultumix.com for details.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2008-06-09

Ultumix GNU/Linux

Ultumix GNU/Linux (formerly known as is done in both 32 and 64 bit with the meta packages ready and done. I will be putting them up for download in the next day or so. :)

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2008-06-05

Ultumix Computer Show

We started our own comptuer show and you can find it at www.ultumix.com or www.ultumixcomputershow.com.

Our first show starts on Saturday at 8:PM Pacific Standard Time and 11: PM EDT. Do us a favor and listen in or at least click the link and let your computer listen in. Boosting our hits will get us more sponsors. We have signed up for a sponsor program with companies like Blockbuster and hopefully they will make us an offer before the show. If not we will wait for next Saturday. Now we are listed on iTunes and yes I did it in GNU/Linux and not Windows or Mac. You can call in to our show as well if you like. I will be interviewing the admin of www.screw-paypal.com.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2008-06-05