BETA02 is coming shortly.

BETA01 has a serious error thanks to EMACS24 packages. Due to this error EMACS23 will be installed instead.
Other changes have been made in BETA02 as well.

The error caused installations to fail. The Live mode was unaffected however.

I have also updated

Me and my friend Thomas of the Nixed Report are working on building an e107 webpage in the mean time, and once it's done, it's home page will be istead of the eye candy Wix page that's there right now, or in addition too it.

Need to make sure we can figure out how to get Google adsense adds into e107 so that we can generate revenue to help the project succeed.

Again I apologize for this oversight in regards to the EMACS 24 error, and I hope you will all enjoy BETA02.

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  • Special thanks to Ben for hosting the torrents, and for setting up radio gigs and promoting JULinux in general.