JULinux is coming soon.

JULinux will be a major stepping stone in getting where we want to be. In JULinux we have fixed the install scripts so that they will tell the user how to install them. The final fixed scripts will be python based with a GUI. We have added Ultamatix ( http://www.ultamatix.com/ ) to the install scripts so that after the user finishes the install the Ultamatix GUI will be automatically opened. This will be awesome. Because we have had issues getting our ftp server to accept the entire tar.gz script file we will no longer be maintaining it there, instead it will be strictly torrent based. You will be able to download the iso via ftp if you like. We will strongly encourage people to download the torrent. We may even tell the script in JULinux to launch Transmission and open the torrent file. The online install will always be optional. We hope some day to have the deb files hosted on our own server so that none of this will be necessary. The problem now is that the file names are not compatible with Yahoo's servers. I've been tempted to have k3b change the file names to legacy windows compatible names. The Usplash has finally been fixed. I had issues getting mine to work in 8.04 so we went with a standard "LINUX" Usplash we found on gnome-look.org. I think that people will be very excited. I know I am.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2009-11-12