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Revision 3.1

A couple things were less than perfect in Revision 3. So we are now uploading 3.1

In the mean time, watch this really cool video comparison between Windows 10 and JULinux 10

NEW ! #Windows10 #OFFICIAL VS JULinux 10 #2015 #BrandNew #Leaked #TechnicalPreview #Comparison #Review #EaseOfUse #Features #Upgrade #Tech #TechNews #News #Software #OperatingSystem #Microsoft https://youtu.be/PUyeqtvEKtE

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Revision 3

After some repository issues have come up, I decided to update Revision 2, fix the repository issues, and release a 2015 version. As this version seems to be the most stable UBUNTU based distribution, it is almost exactly the same. Revision 3 should be available tomorrow.

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Torrents now available.

Linuxtracker seems to be down, so I used the piratebay. You can now find torrents in the files directory.

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JULinux 10 32 bit is available now !

JULinux 10 32 bit appears to be stable, after 3 attempts. Please feel free to give it a try. This version comes loaded with more features than the 64 bit release.

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Upcoming JULinux version 11

Every 6 months or so we put out a new version of JULinux. Find out the full details of what we are planning here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/julinux-11-project-just-use-linux/x/3372462#home Find out how you can help.

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Stats and Beta01 issues

It's looking like 234 Windows users, have switched to JULlinux 10, in the first 5 days, sense JULinux x86_64 was released. This information is based on the number of people who downloaded JULinux from Windows computers on Sourceforge.net, and the 9 out of 10 Windows users that end up upgrading to JULinux after trying it.

The 32 bit Beta01 is missing the finish install icon on the dekstop. That's why it's called a beta. Other than that, so far everything is working great !

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JULinux10x86_Beta01 is available for testing

This 32 bit release is now available for testing. We've added more features, and made several changes.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2014-08-16

Non-pae kernel for 32 bit ?

We are not certain, if we have the knowledge and experience, but we are currently - today trying to compile a non-pae kernel for our 32 bit version. To the best of our knowledge this hasn't been done for 14.04, and could possibly break something, but it's worth trying. Again all we have to work with right now, is a Virtual Machine, and we don't think remastering in a Virtual Machine is ever a good idea, but until we get some hardware to compile on, this is still a good experiment. People have been asking for non-pae for a long time. With non-pae our 32 bit distribution, could probably boot on just about any 32 bit pc, giving us an edge, for those not familiar with what pae is.

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JULinux 10 x86_64 Revision 2 is here ! 32 bit on hold.

JULinux 10 x86_64 Revision 2 is here, and seems trouble free. It runs like a dream, and end users are already posting videos: http://youtu.be/INL0c_Lgbls .

The trouble is, in order to make JULinux x86_64, we had to colaborate on a volunteer's Laptop. A Volunteer who is out of blank DVDs. We currently have no funding. We would need a second machine, or a second hard drive to release a x86 32 bit version. The process would only take a couple hours to complete. The computer used however must be a 64 bit PC, so we can easily transfer project files. If you, or someone you know likes what we are doing, and has some extra money lying around, please have them send it to us via our Donate button here, or on our website. Currently we have more costs and overhead, but this is a list of last year's operating costs: http://mindblowingidea.com/julinuxwordpress/about-us/yearly-cost/

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A Small bug to fix, with our patch

Revision 2 will be coming out shortly. There is an issue with the FinishInstall.sh script on the second line of installed games. We have created a patch called JULinux10_Release01_Patch. You can download this patch, extract it, and run it in the terminal, or simply replace the FinishInstall.sh file in /usr/share/JULinuxStuff/ . Sorry for this trouble. The easy way to do this is to: Start > Accessories > Terminal Emulator Then type sudo thunar and press enter. Next enter your user password. Click on File System, then at the top of the window you will see / Change / to /usr/share/JULinuxStuff/ and press enter. Copy FinishInstall.sh from the JULinux10_Release01_Patch here. Make sure you have extracted it.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2014-08-05

JULinux 10 x86_64 08-04-2014

This new release of JULinux is the much awaited update to JULinux 8, that made JULinux so famous to begin with.
JULinux is still designed, to make the process of upgrading from Windows to Linux easy, user friendly, and as fun and exciting as possible. In this version we have included OpenOffice, only included trusted Open Source web browsers, and the best, most essential software packages that are also easy to use and lightweight. We also included our signature FinishInstall script, that gives users the option to install all the packages from “Linux Game Over”, Netflix-Desktop, vlc media player, OpenShot Video Editor, PlayOnLinux, an many more. You can download JULinux 10 now via torrent, or direct download (Direct Download Available on 08-05-2014)…... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2014-08-05

JULinuXP 2013 Revision 2 direct FTP Download now Available

The file is up and available for download.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2013-07-12 Labels: download iso distro distribution linux unix mac windows os software operating system system Mac

JULinuXP 2013 Revision 2 Is Now Available

Hello, Hello one and all. JULinuXP Rev2 is now available and it's awesome. The new Control Center gives you more control than ever before. You can click an icon to install netflix and more
Possible Bug: (however so far in testing it seems after clicking the install netflix icon, you have to install netflix-desktop from synaptic or the terminal but that hasn't been confirmed yet)
Gdebi is the default program for .deb flies, Wine for .exe, and many more improvements. OpenOffice.org instead of LibreOffice. ... read more

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2013-07-10

Revision 2 of JULinux and JULinux Lite (Changes)

Other than bug fixes, we have been having users report that OpenOffice is way more compatible and easier to use than LibreOffice. OpenOffice's PPA will be added and it will be installed, and LibreOffice removed.
The question on our minds, is what further steps can we take to speed up JULinux, and increase Security and Privacy ? What changes would people like to see in Revision 2 ?

The 32 bit version must be non pae as requested. ... read more

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Next Revision, and JULinux 32 bit.

Revision 2 of JULinuXP and JULinOX_OS will be released with a few bugs fixed, so if you find any more bugs please let us know. Also a lite 32 bit version of JULinux will be released (probably based on Lubuntu) with all the same requests from users added to it, but it should run faster and lighter. With USB boot you should be able to install it on net-books and other optical drive-less PCs. Effort will be made to make a Raspbery Pi image as well. JULinux Lite will support Netflix and Steam among other things, if your PC is up to it that is.
In Revision 2, and JULinux Lite scripts should be added to install Netflix, Steam, and other things for you, so you don't have to enter commands into the terminal. Shortcuts to these installers should wind up in the menu some where as an icon. Probably under Other or JULinux.
Current + More security measures will be taken to ensure the user's privacy on their PC. Of course if the user removes Flash and Java they will have even more privacy if they are willing to go without.

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Missing Printer Icon, embarrassment.

Well I discovered today that there is no Printers icon in the MATE menu on JULinuXP or JULinOX_OS. Looks like a bug for the next revision. In the mean time you can find the printer icon in the menu of LXDE (that is also optional) or you can create a launcher. To create a MATE menu icon simply go to System Tools > Mate Menu Editor
And then just make a new entry under System Tools with the command: system-config-printer and call it Printer or whatever you want to call it, and if you like give it an icon. ;)
Sorry for this oversight.

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New download files available & JULinux needs your help.

JULinuXP and JULinOX OS are now available for direct download from our sf.net page at https://sourceforge.net/projects/ultumix/ but we have a small problem. Even though there are plenty of new JULinux users, and even though many people are commenting and telling us how great they think it is on Facebook and other sites, no one is leaving any reviews or feedback on SourceForge.net, and this has made our rating drop due to the project's inactivity before this release. So I'm asking and begging you to please sign in to SourceForge.net and leave a review here:
https://sourceforge.net/projects/ultumix/reviews/... read more

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FTP iso Images Available By 06-09-2013

Slow down guys. Those ISO images you see are incomplete. That's why they are not the default download. Once they are fully uploaded you will be able to start the download. They are each over 2.8 GBs in size. So hold your horses.

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2013-06-07

The Next Step For JULinux

What is the next big step for JULinux ?
I think maybe it's Raspberry pi. With all the power of the Raspberry pi B, I think a 32 bit distribution and image for the Raspberry pi and 32 bit PCs, is in order. Not to mention building and selling Emergency Tactical Prepper Edition PCs that are virtually indestructible from Raspberry Pi.

What do you think ? What's the best direction for JULinux ?

Also check out: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/416257/wdgi/3372462... read more

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JULinOX OS ETPE 2013 (For Mac Users) Is Here !

Check out the new screenshot https://sourceforge.net/p/ultumix/screenshot/Apps.png (more coming) of this new release of JULinux for Mac users. It's awesome to say the least.
Has all the features and bennefits of JULinXP ETPE, does not use COMPIZ, but can work with or without OPENGL. Runs just as fast. The dock bar uses more RAM, but it still runs very fast. I suggest using OPENGL.

Check out more on our site at http://www.JustUseLinux.com
More screenshots and action on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/JULinux

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JULinuXP ETPE 2013 FINAL is here !

Most agree that the latest version of JULinuXP Final is the best binary linux distribution release they have ever seen.
1. It boots in 20 seconds or faster on average,
2. guards your privacy online by not sending any information about you to anyone, as long as you use the included DuckDuckGo Search Engine.
3. Has access to the Ubuntu Repositories with free and non-free packages and apps.
4. The interface is so easy to use because it looks and acts just like Windows XP.
5. Not only that but with Wine and PlayOnLinux most Windows programs will run fine, if not better. It even runs Windows programs that were designed for MSDOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 too. So programs that won't run on Windows 8 or newer still run on JULinux.
6. Hardware Support: Don't buy a new printer just so it will work with Windows 8, or the new Mac. JULinux has old hardware support. It supports more hardware than any other OS. Plug and Play. You plug it in and it works. No installing drivers for USB jump drives.... read more

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BETA02 is coming shortly.

BETA01 has a serious error thanks to EMACS24 packages. Due to this error EMACS23 will be installed instead.
Other changes have been made in BETA02 as well.

The error caused installations to fail. The Live mode was unaffected however.

I have also updated www.justuselinux.com.

Me and my friend Thomas of the Nixed Report are working on building an e107 webpage in the mean time, and once it's done, it's home page will be www.justuselinux.com istead of the eye candy Wix page that's there right now, or in addition too it. ... read more

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JULinux Prepper Edition 04/15/2013

JULinux Prepper Edition is coming soon.

It will be hard to call this distribution JULinux sense most of the branding will still be in it from Mate, but the goal here is to roll out a release with all the essential programs you would need in the distribution, if the internet were not available tomorrow.
The torrent download will probably be the most complete version with off line Repo DVD iso files, and a compressed file that contains tons of Emergency prepper survival information, Open Source music and entertainment, game ideas, medical, data, and a whole lot more. This package will be so packed with Prepper and Survivalist data, that it will be a must for any prepper.
Here on Sourceforge.net you will likely just get the single DVD iso of this distribution release (amd64, and maybe i386) and you will have to download the rest from our server at mindblowingidea.com, or you will have to torrent it. ... read more

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Why is JULinux 8 so popular?

See the video that earned JULinux 8 Stable the Famous Software Award for 2010 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr9jpntQoC0

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2011-06-19

JULinux 9

Currently JULinux 9 32 bit is still in development but JULinux 9 64 bit is available as a Ubuntu remaster. JULinux 9 32 bit is unstable and is based on debian 6.0.2a. To find out more about JULinux 9 32 bit go to the Files tab up above and click Experimental_DO_NOT_USE_Testing_Only. In the mean time please keep using JULinux 8 for 32 bit computers and those of you who are able please help us out with JULinux 9 32 bit. Thanks and God bless you!

Posted by Justin Breithaupt 2011-06-17