UltravncSC moved to a seperate folder ultravncsc (cvs)
There was no more need to have all the #defines in the main tree,
it was making the sourcecode unreadable.

You now have 2 seperated sourcetrees
1 for UltraVnc and one for UltraVncSC.

If you compile the master dsp, you get 2 bin.

Aaron Colflesh schreef:

For feature requests and bug reports RC15 RC16. Please use the forum at http://forum.ultravnc.net/

At one point there were a group of extra command line options that could
be enabled by recompiling with SINGLECLICKULTRA flag on. I've noticed
that since RC18 or so they seem to be missing from CVS. As I was rather
counting on several of these (Start & connect with one line at least,
though I'd really like to be able to hide the tray-icon), I was
wondering what the reasoning was for removing them? From what I can see
in the CVS logs, there is no mention of why it was removed. Of course if
my 2 cents matters, I'd really like to have them back, but if there was
a legitimate reason to remove them then I guess I can just try to hack
them back into a local code base. I'm a bit rusty with C++ & would
obviously prefer to leave this coding to the experts.

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