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#32 FR + LB translation done (updated monthly)


Translated from English and German in revision 2091.
French and Portuguese translations are on the way.

I compiled the last version of UltraStar Deluxe and I found out that all
letters like ä, é, ù,.... make the word disappear. I tried then the
French and the German to see if the problem persist and no. So I think the
reason is because the Luxemborugish ini file is the only file which had too
much characters. There should be then an error in the code to handle the
ini files.


  • Tobias Gunkel
    Tobias Gunkel

    thanks for your work on those translations. The reason why the problem with those special characters exists in your translation and not in the French or German is not that there are "too much characters".

    Since Unicode handling was introduced (revision 1939) all language files have to be encoded in UTF-8 (with BOM). I already checked your file and it is ANSI encoded. You can easily convert it with Notepad++ on Windows or iconv on linux.
    In Notepad++ load the file and select "Encoding -> UTF-8" to convert to file to UTF-8 with a BOM. Then save the file and you are done.

    Some background:
    The BOM (Byte Order Mark) consists of three characters that are written at the beginning of the file. Unicode capable editors (almost all modern editors) will know then that the file is UTF-8 encoded and ignore those three characters. Non UTF-8 capable editors might show something like "" at the beginning of the text.

    Ultrastar Deluxe will always handle language files as UTF-8 encoded ones even if the BOM (UTF-8 without BOM) is missing. That is the reason why the special characters in your file are missing. USDX assumes it is in UTF-8 but it is actually ANSI.

    If we still allowed local encodings (for example ISO-8859-1 or Windows-1252 that might be your Windows default) texts would be right on your computer but not in Poland, Greece or other countries where different encodings than yours are used. All special chars would be wrong there.

  • It was a pleasure for me to translate your application which is free and opensource. Thanks for your explanation, I understand now how text-encoding works. And I do prefer Ubuntu to Windows, because it is much easyer to compile. But I don't want to start trolling now... So I will see what I can do.

  • Thank you tobigun for helping me out. (convert.sh works also to convert the file to UTF-8)

  • I will post the updadet translation files here in this post.

  • French translation added

  • French translation uploaded (ISLANDIC added to so no need to add it). The luxembourgish will come next, when it's ready.

  • Tobias Gunkel
    Tobias Gunkel

    I compared the old Luxembourgish and French files in the trunk with yours. Your files seem to be superior so I commited both of your files.
    I set this item to pending in case you want to add the few missing translations that are still left. It will be closed automatically in two weeks.

    Thanks for your great work :)

  • Hello tobigun and the whole team,
    You're welcome. So I updated the translation. I have a question did you see that after have sung a music the word "Easy" near Difficulty is not translated? The hold the line modus is also not translated ;). I'm pretty sure you already know it but you find other things more urgent.