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Lately the ffmpeg headers have been updated. As a result USDX compiles again on many linux systems.


Posted by K.-M. Schindler 2012-10-07

USDX Team wishes you a happy new year !

We wish you a prosperous new year 2009 !

Thanks to people like you, we could generate
about 6 Terrabyte traffic this year.

There are overall 12+ Million visitors who
form a strong community around this project.

Thanks for supporting us for such a long time period.

We hope we can extend cooperation between supporters and users even more within the next year.

Thanks for using our product!

Be up to date and have a lock at our ...... read more

Posted by Canni 2008-12-29

UltraStar Deluxe: Development status

UltraStar Deluxe is a karaoke game inspired by the Singstar™ game available on the Playstation®. It allows up to six players to sing along with music using microphones in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of singing[1].

We are currently working on the second version of 1.1 alpha.

Features already implemented:
[X] Visualizations via ProjectM
[X] New sound system, easier microphone set up
[X] Hear your own voice (No AudioRepeater needed)
[X] Remove the voice from the song (in progress)
[X] Playable on Linux
[X] Mac OS X compatible (in progress)
[X] Improvements on ease of use
[X] Much, much, more..... read more

Posted by Mog 2008-08-25

[Release] UltraStar Deluxe 1.1 Linux Deb Binary!

Today marks the start of a great era, as we make our first Linux package available for download.

Well now that I have your attention and all, Ill cut the marketing talk :)

I’m pleased to post a download for a Debian package, please be warned that the Linux version is still undergoing lots of changes & bug fixes, and we wont have an “Stable” release of this for a little while yet ( It will coincide with the release of 1.1 for windows because it shares the same code base )... read more

Posted by Mog 2008-02-13

Bugfix Release 1.0.1a is out now!

Release 1.0.1a fixes the Mpeg gap bug, start tag problem and the screenshot bug.

~+~ [Some Poem] ~+~
Merry Christmas to all of u out there
We brougth you something along so beware

No teddybears and no clowns
But today we can announce
A new release of our singing game
It has had some bugs such a shame
But now there is no more reason to complain
Video gap is fixed and screenshots are back to our game
Also a third demo song is done
Joshua Morin with On the run... read more

Posted by Whiteshark 2007-12-23

UltraStar Deluxe 1.0.1 Release!

First of all this release was planned as a bug fix release. We did not want to include new features.

But soon it came completly different. This version will now run under Wine within Linux.
Thanks to jay you can now enjoy runtime theme changes. The old nerve-killing sounds are replaced too.

But this is only half the truth. We decided to backport the video support for all codecs your heart desires. ... read more

Posted by Canni 2007-11-23

Wanna see why we're Deluxe?

Hey :D

A bit longer than Jay's, and sorry for not hitting all notes - I'm not as good as Dave :P

Happy watching, Mog

Posted by Mog 2007-11-20

1.0.1 will come this week

Hey beloved users,

awesome news today, the upcomming UltraStar Deluxe 1.0.1 will come this week. We tweaked it even more, so expect some usability and visual changes =)

Check this teaser on YouTube for a feature that (I bet) you'll love:

Greetings Mog :D

Posted by Mog 2007-11-19


Hey hey beloved users of UltraStar Deluxe,

you already know our love for shiny user interfaces and thanks to Skar (<3) we can present you three new skins / themes for USDX. It's plain awesome to see how Skar plays with our skin system and produces such amazing eye candy, I just hope that he doesn't get tired of it - so we'll see even more skins from him.
Okay I'll shut up now and give you the link, check it out - hope you'll love them as much as I do!... read more

Posted by Mog 2007-10-07

UltraStar Deluxe and Wine

Hey beloved users,

we have some good news for all the singing Linux users out there, besides the fact that Jay is still working like mad on the Linux compatibility - there is the possibility to run it with wine.
Thanks to Linnex, who put together a nice tutorial[1] - that takes you through the whole process step by step. So don't hesitate and let us know if it's working for you =)

[1] http://forum.ultrastardeluxe.org/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=52

Greetings from rainy Germany

Posted by Mog 2007-10-06

Toplevel Domains for Project Homepage

Thanks to Jaybinks we have 2 new Domains that will redirect you to our Project Homepage: http://www.UltrastarDeluxe.org and http://www.UltrastarDeluxe.com.

At the moment we work on an international support und developer forum at forum.ultrastardeluxe.org. It does not work correctly, but in some time it will ;)

Posted by Whiteshark 2007-09-25

Smoother vanilla compiling and Linux build

Hi beloved users,

at first I want to welcome JayBinks as new developer in our team, this awesome Australian guy did just what some of you codemonkeys and singing geeks wanted to have: a way more easier way to compile our source. We now have the third party libs in our SVN too, so it's now working like a charm to be up to date with us developers.
He's also supporting us in a way that makes the Linux users hopefully smiling, I can't tell you more at this point but we hope to get a wider user base through this too. So if you're skilled and willing to help us, just join us crazy people on IRC[1] - we're on MET timezone, please consider this if you're from a far far away land :)... read more

Posted by Mog 2007-09-05

Betatester needed

Hi beloved UltraStar Deluxe users,

today we need your help! Blindy just finished the beta state of the new video support, but we have a problem - we're not the video encode pro's, that's why we need your help.
You're skilled in video codecs of different containers, like mkv, theora, quicktime stuff, wmv and everything else - and your on IRC then get in touch with us. You don't want to miss your opportunity to be listed on the new credits screen, do you?... read more

Posted by Mog 2007-09-01

Open Forum for Puplic Discussion

From now on the forums are opened again for puplic discussions and user to user support and help.

Thx to Slee for his hint ;)

Posted by Whiteshark 2007-09-01


Press [alt]+[c] in the main screen (the screen after loading is done) - lean back and enjoy the show =)

By the way, we're working on an installer (binary), so installation will be even easier. We'll also include the new language files into it, so if you plan to see UltraStar Deluxe in your language hurry up and help us :D

We still have no funny languages, pirate or klingon anyone?

Posted by Mog 2007-08-15

UltraStar Deluxe 1.0 Release!

We're proud to announce the first release of UltraStar Deluxe.
Much work went into this release, therefore we have a lot of new features and bugfixes, just to name some:

- Party mode with the possibility to create your own game modes
- Four modes included: blind mode, duel, hold the line and until 5000
- Brilliant effects in the sing screen, like golden notes
- Stunning, newly improved user interface
- Possibility to use 2 Singstar(tm) adapters
- Scores are now saved within a database instead of .sco files
- Note letter names are shown in the song editor... read more

Posted by Mog 2007-07-29

Experimental ffmpeg videodecoding support,

Blindy grabbed one of the most important feature request on the todo list, and started to implement it. We can now proudly announce that we have experimental ffmpeg videodecoding support (in the trunk only), this means you can throw almost every video in your song folder and it should play.
Some of the supported codecs are:
- XVid
- Mpeg-1 / Mpeg-2
- many, many more ;)

It's still pre-alpha and needs a lot of testing. There are some timing issues, but we're working on this.... read more

Posted by Mog 2007-07-28

You're good in your language?

Okay, we need some help with the language files. Tough we want people from all over the world to be able to play the game in their language, it's somewhat hard to do this on our own. We could translate everything w/ babelfish, but I bet it's more for laughs then :P So if you have some spare time grab either the German or the English language file from the SVN (doesn't matter if trunk or branch here) and help us =)... read more

Posted by Mog 2007-07-27

The long list and the hard work

We're still working on the new upcoming release, which will be our first real release. On moving onwards we came across a lot of problems and tiny things that made us stumble and fall, but oh my the new features are massive. The people who compile the source either from trunk or branch might have already noticed all the improvements, like the party mode where you'll even be able to write your own game modes (once the sdk is done :P). Also the overall awesome effects that make even me drool, like the stars on golden notes, on a perfect note, and my favourite on a perfect sung line - it's eyecandy galore. Blindy is already working on the new video support, I've seen it live - it will really change everything, when it's done you'll never have to re-render a divx video to mpeg1 again. Awesome, isn't it?
Blindy also did me a great favour as he implemented transparent png graphics which I can use to make UltraStar Deluxe even prettier (hello kitty decals anyone? :P).
We're also proud to announce that we have a new helping hand in our team, which is eBandit - he finished the classic theme, though his brain almost melted while doing this (remember that the skinfile is a 3000 lines long ini file filled with weird numbers and you edit this w/ notepad). So a heartily welcome to eBandit!
Our todo list is still long, we have new ideas that we want to implement and I bet we'll make "the list"(tm) empty one day.
So drop by when you have time, and if you want to help us or just want to say: "hi <3", then don't hesitate and join us at QuakeNet in #ultrastardx.

Greetings, Mog :D

Posted by Mog 2007-07-27