[Release] UltraStar Deluxe 1.1 Linux Deb Binary!

Today marks the start of a great era, as we make our first Linux package available for download.

Well now that I have your attention and all, Ill cut the marketing talk :)

I’m pleased to post a download for a Debian package, please be warned that the Linux version is still undergoing lots of changes & bug fixes, and we wont have an “Stable” release of this for a little while yet ( It will coincide with the release of 1.1 for windows because it shares the same code base )

There are definitely known issues ( some stuff doesn’t display correctly, some audio issues, some things a little off with the package etc.. ) but this is a start, and I wanted to show our loyal fans what we have been working on..

  1. So if your game…. :P
  2. run Linux ( tested on Ubuntu 7.10 )
  3. Want to see what we have been up to

then head on over to http://downloads.sourceforge.net/ultrastardx/UltraStarDeluxe_1.1_i386.deb and take a look.


Posted by Mog 2008-02-13