The long list and the hard work

We're still working on the new upcoming release, which will be our first real release. On moving onwards we came across a lot of problems and tiny things that made us stumble and fall, but oh my the new features are massive. The people who compile the source either from trunk or branch might have already noticed all the improvements, like the party mode where you'll even be able to write your own game modes (once the sdk is done :P). Also the overall awesome effects that make even me drool, like the stars on golden notes, on a perfect note, and my favourite on a perfect sung line - it's eyecandy galore. Blindy is already working on the new video support, I've seen it live - it will really change everything, when it's done you'll never have to re-render a divx video to mpeg1 again. Awesome, isn't it?
Blindy also did me a great favour as he implemented transparent png graphics which I can use to make UltraStar Deluxe even prettier (hello kitty decals anyone? :P).
We're also proud to announce that we have a new helping hand in our team, which is eBandit - he finished the classic theme, though his brain almost melted while doing this (remember that the skinfile is a 3000 lines long ini file filled with weird numbers and you edit this w/ notepad). So a heartily welcome to eBandit!
Our todo list is still long, we have new ideas that we want to implement and I bet we'll make "the list"(tm) empty one day.
So drop by when you have time, and if you want to help us or just want to say: "hi <3", then don't hesitate and join us at QuakeNet in #ultrastardx.

Greetings, Mog :D

Posted by Mog 2007-07-27