Making songs with videos guide

  • Sophisticus

    Hi everyone,
    If you're like me you probably spend hours tweaking and tightening your Ultrastar songs for when your friends come over. There's nothing better than watching classic old video clips while you sing out of key with your mates! So here’s the easiest way I’ve found to make songs with videos….

    First you need the .txt file, if you can’t find it you’ll have to make it but that’s a whole other guide that I’m not even going to begin to write yet.

    You can find .txt files all over the place try Bitorrent or even Google them.

    For the sake of an example let’s say you have “Madonna - Like A Virgin.txt” and you want to put a video clip with it for your next party.

    Here’s what to do.

    First you need to create a new folder, on your desktop is fine for now. If you can’t do this the rest of this guide will hurt your brain so please stop here. If you want to try the pain out…

    Rename the folder “Madonna - Like A Virgin”
    Drag & drop the “Madonna - Like A Virgin.txt” file into the “Madonna - Like A Virgin” folder.

    Next you need a program called ‘Total Video Converter” (I’m not affiliated with VC it’s just what I use it’s cheap and easy and that’s how I like ‘em)
    Or if you already have conversion software that can extract Mpeg & Mp3 files from .flv format files read on.
    You can download it here
    Once you’ve downloaded and installed continue. Pay for the software to get the registered version or if you are unscrupulous scavenge around for the keygen etc.

    Next you need that Like a Virgin film clip so off to YouTube we go…
    Pick the version you like the most.
    Click onto it
    Now we’re going to use SaveTube to get that file to your desktop!
    So you’ve got “Like A Virgin” playing on YouTube and Madonna’s gyrating all over place, great!
    You need to copy the web address (CTRL + C)
    And paste it (CTRL + V) into the search bar on
    The one I picked looked like this
    I pasted it into SaveTube and hit GO
    Then RIGHT CLICK on DOWNLOAD and rename the file something easy to remember like “Virgin” and save it to you Desktop.

    Once this is done open TOTAL VIDEO CONVERTER
    Select the “Virgin” file you saved from SaveTube
    It will automatically ask you what you want to convert this file too
    Select MP3 AUDIO and confirm MP3 not MP2
    Now Select NEW TASK – IMPORT FILES again
    Select the “Virgin” file you saved from SaveTube again
    When it asks what kind of file to convert to
    Select MPEG
    Make sure both boxes are checked next to the Virgin.flv files in the top left hand corner.
    Select CONVERT NOW
    This will leave an MPEG and an MP3 file named “Virgin” on your desktop
    Put both these files in the folder “Madonna - Like A Virgin”

    Open the folder “Madonna - Like A Virgin”
    Open the “Madonna - Like A Virgin.txt” file
    Change the “#MP3:” line to read


    Add the line


    Drag and drop the folder in your Ultrastar Songs Folder


    Start Ultrastar
    Start the Song “Like A Virgin”
    Check the synchronicity between the text on screen and the song.
    More than likely they will be out of synch, to fix this
    ALT TAB out of Ultrastar or try the START button
    Open the folder “Madonna - Like A Virgin”
    Open the “Madonna - Like A Virgin.txt” file
    You will see a line saying #GAP :(followed by numbers)
    The number indicates how long from the song start the text starts
    For example a #GAP:5000 means 5 seconds after the song starts the text will start.
    Gap values are in 1000 = 1 second
    I use this trick to help me
    If the song words are being sung before the text on screen you need a lower GAP value
    If the text is happening on screen before the words are being sung you need a higher GAP value
    Change the GAP value play the song again, repeat until you get it right.
    Play around with and you’ll get the hang pretty quick

    I hope this helps some people sorry it’s a bit long

    Much love to Corvus and all other developers


    • Ant

      Great post.

      For those of you using USDX 1.01a, you can use the .flv file directly without having to convert it to MPEG.
      Make sure you're #VIDEO tag is adjusted accordingly. eg. #VIDEO:Virgin.flv

      You still need to extract the audio from the vid tho.
      A great little free program for this is FLV Extract from
      This will extract the audio from the .flv file without any decompression or recompression.

    • Thank you very much. Take care!