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Crash on startup on mac

  • hello,
    i am on mac os 10.6.6 and ultrastar deluxe crashes on startup. Can you please
    help me?
    Here is my log file :

    UltraStar Deluxe V 1.1.0 Build Error Log
    Date: 14-2-11 Time: 19:36:49

    ERROR: BPM tag missing: /Users/dopaming/Library/Application
    Support/UltraStarDeluxe/songs/Bodo Wartke - Liebeslied/License.txt
    ERROR: AnalyseFile failed for "/Users/dopaming/Library/Application
    Support/UltraStarDeluxe/songs/Bodo Wartke - Liebeslied/License.txt".
    CRITICAL: FT_New_Face: Could not load font ''