Problem with read-only files

  • Hello,

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to report a bug/feature but... I'm gonna try.
    To put this simple, if the file covers.cache is read-only the program crashes at the start (I suppose it also happens with other files).
    That's very anoying because I did a DVD with some songs for a gift to my girlfriend and I've found it's of no use.
    So I would like to see it as a new feature/bug fixed in a new version.

    Best regards

    • Finally after some work I've managed to solve it myself. I would like to submit the code although I downloaded the 1.0.1a package from the SVN (as the latest release have some more bugs than that one) and I don't know how to resubmit the modified version myself (because I'm not using the latest one).

      If you contact me I'll send you the files.