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How to Add Songs

L Michaels
  • L Michaels
    L Michaels

    Am glad there are some Creative Commons songs bundled with the software, but I'm surprised there aren't more public domain songs distributed for it. Are there any plans to add more songs that can be legally distributed to the Sourceforge archive or are there any archives for UltraStar Deluxe that are collecting them?

    I tried converting some of my public domain material over to a format UltraStar Deluxe could handle and it seemed to work perfectly. Thought I'd share the steps I used in case someone else has songs they want to convert over.

    I start with public domain sheet music and type the music and lyrics into a standard text editor using ABC notation. I convert the music to Karaoke midi format using abc2midi. You can also start with any valid Karaoke midi file. Once in Karaoke midi format, I convert to wave format using Timidity++. Be sure to check resources like the FreePats Project's web site to get some good quality Open Source soundfont files to use with Timidity++. It makes all the difference in the world and can change a song from sounding like a tinny piece of electronic music being played by an expensive sound card to some decent sounding instruments playing. Once you have the wave file of the music, convert it to Ogg Vorbis or MP3 using Audacity. I already use this process to create pd music for myself.

    Here's where the UltraStar conversion takes place. I haven't tried the built in editor yet, but I downloaded a conversion program from http://ultrastar.tuxfamily.org/spip.php?article264
    Had to install the Java Virtual Machine from the sun.org site, but once that was installed everything worked fine. I gave the program the name of my Karaoke midi file and told it to use track 1. I always put the melody in lyrics in the first track when creating my ABC files. It created a .txt file. All I had to do was edit and correct the name of the .ogg or .mp3 file in the .txt file. Then I copied all the files to a subdirectory under songs.

    The music was in sync with the lyrics and everything seemed to play just fine. This page has more details on the steps and a link to a page that lists over a dozen archives to download public domain sheet music from:

    Hope to see more public domain songs available for UltraStar Deluxe in the near future.