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All screen resolutions and multilanguage support

All available screen resolutions has been implemented in new UltraStar 0.4.3. There is also support for more languages.

Posted by Corvus 2006-09-01

UltraStar 0.4.2 released

UltraStar 0.4.2 is ready. Golden notes, Top5 screen and requires less memory. More in release notes.

Posted by Corvus 2006-08-29


Top5 screen has been added to UltraStar 0.4.2. Sample screenshot is available here.

Posted by Corvus 2006-08-22

Memory optimization

UltraStar 0.4.2 will have better memory optimization, especially when loading cover textures. At the system with only a few covers memory use has dropped to 50% compared to the 0.4.1 version (64MB used, 82MB reserved to 38MB used, 40MB reserved). Loading speed increase hasn't been tested. New UltraStar is being scheduled for late August.

Posted by Corvus 2006-07-28

UltraStar 0.4.1 released

New UltraStar is ready. 3 players support and 2 players mode using stereo input or 2 soundcards. Microphone volume detection treshold is configurable. Timings are changed.

Posted by Corvus 2006-06-25

UltraStar 0.4.1 soon

Due to preparation of some features for the anime convention DOJIcon it's been decided to release 0.4.1 as soon as possible. I'm adjusting recording timings. With this it's possible to get scores like 9700 but only because line bonus and golden notes are not being counted. Check it once it will be released. It's been reported to resolve the problem with autoplay when using microphones.

Posted by Corvus 2006-06-23

Two soundcards and 3 players support

In US 0.4.1 you will see the support for soundcards in 2 and 3 players mode. You will be able to select 2 players mode: stereo or 2cards. Plus it's possible for 3 players to sing at the same time using only two soundcards.

Posted by Corvus 2006-06-18

UltraStar 0.4.0 released / beta stage

UltraStar 0.4.0 is ready and brings new features. Check 2 player mode if you have original Singstar two player microphone USB cable. UltraStar is entering beta stage.

Posted by Corvus 2006-05-14

UltraStar 0.4.0 soon

Last tests of 0.4.0 are being made and I think it's almost time to show US 0.4.0.

Posted by Corvus 2006-05-06

Full midi conversion support

Converter now read all midi files, even the ones which were being shown as on single track. Right now playing single tracks cannot be done and it is limited to 16 channels but if this would limit you in converting songs I'll extend converter's usability.

Posted by Corvus 2006-04-22

Joypad support

Today we have written support for joysticks and joypads. Dual Shock 2 works without any problems.

Posted by Corvus 2006-04-19

2 player support

2 player support will be available in next release. Right now it is only with the USB microphone cable from Singstar. What can be more evil than using 8 USB to plug 16 microphones and use them at once?

Posted by Corvus 2006-04-18

UltraStar 0.3.4 released

New UltraStar is ready. View changes log for new options. US 0.3.3 has already reached over 7000 downloads with total number of 24000. Nice :)

Posted by Corvus 2006-04-17

Chance for 0.3.4

It is very possible that UltraStar 0.3.4 will come out this week. Keep eyes open.

Posted by Corvus 2006-04-12

UltraStar 0.3.3 released

New UltraStar has been released. Problems with playing some songs has been repaired and the song list in game has been improved to allow sorting and hiding songs into tabs. UltraStar 0.3.4 will have support for custom skins and maybe themes too.

Posted by Corvus 2006-01-21

UltraStar 0.3.2 released

New UltraStar is ready. Some options has been disabled to speed up making this release. Better compability, new voice system, midi extractor etc.

Posted by Corvus 2005-12-30

UltraStar 0.3.2 soon

While some bad things were happening, I wasn't leaving this project. 2 players mode won't be included as it is still not ready. Change will be smooth and sound system will slowly evolve. Midi extractor is somehow ready but is very limited. New pitch detection system is ready. Other less important changes has been made to provide better compability and more functionality.

Posted by Corvus 2005-12-23

New advanced editor in UltraStar 0.3.2

New UltraStar will come with built in editor much bigger than one in 0.3.1. I'm integrating my standalone editors with this. Included editor are: midi converter with lyrics support, headers editor, GAP finder, BPM and NotesGAP editor and the last - the editor from 0.3.1, probably quite extended.

Posted by Corvus 2005-10-01

UltraStar 0.3.1 released

New UltraStar is ready. New sound system output, score screen animation and loading time decreased to 30-50% by speeding up font loading 10 times. Source will be available when i'll have free time to pack all needed files.

Posted by Corvus 2005-09-21

UltraStar 0.3.0 released

UltraStar 0.3.0 is available for download. Changes can be revieved by checking the notes and change log. I would be pleased if I could be informed about the places where players can download UltraStar or talk about it.

Posted by Corvus 2005-08-17

UltraStar 0.3.0 in a few days

New UltraStar will be released soon with little modifications from Doji Version presented at DojiCon. Keep the eyes open.

Posted by Corvus 2005-08-15

Possible UltraStar presentation at DojiCon

I'm planning UltraStar presentation at DojiCon ( http://www.dojicon.prv.pl/ ). It's not 100% sure however after implementing few nice features and writing some songs with movies I've started to think about. Maybe I'll release 0.2.2 with some options cut off. It's just a matter of my willing for writing this.

Posted by Corvus 2005-07-14

UltraStar 0.2.1 released

UltraStar 0.2.1 is out. Option screen and ini file is the main change. Timings are better to handle big latency and to notes doesn't more appear at one time. Log file is being written with latencies. Have a good game.

Posted by Corvus 2005-06-12

UltraStar 0.2.0 released / entering alpha stage

UltraStar 0.2.0 has been released. Graphic engine has been upgraded to support new interface and OpenGL with SDL. Sound routines are using different function. It's quite slow but works. External songs can be added. Just download mp3 and txt to Songs directory.

Project is entering alpha stage. Main structure has been written and from now many little things will be upgraded to increase the pleasure of playing UltraStar. The project won't die. It's too good.

Posted by Corvus 2005-06-05

Polish fan site

http://www.ustar.prv.pl/ is the first fan site dedicated this game. I hope they'll keep doing good work.

Posted by Corvus 2005-06-05