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dear UltraDefrag Development team,

I am a user of UltraDefrag from Philippines since year 2012 and
I am very happy using this software.I am very glad that I uploaded a
language pack,this was my first time that I joined an open source
software like this and thanks to all people that writed my name in
credits of the handbook..

I'm not yet a programmer but I hope that my words to say would not say anything bad to all the
people involving in the development of this software.

I am only suggesting an optimization algorithm for ultradefrag

ahm,I suggest that the first step after analyzing the disk is putting all
the files that windows used when booting in the very beginning of the
%Systemdrive%.The list of this files is in the
%Windir%\prefetch\layout.ini for fast boot and startup times.

the second step that I suggest is by selecting all files used when executing
the most used programs and placing those files at the beginning of
second zone for fast program startup.

the 3rd step i suggest is selecting all other small files on the next
zone from:the original optimization algorithm of ultradefrag for fast
disk processing.

the last step i suggest is selecting all other files to defragment
and to consolidate free space for preventing fragmentation of disk.

I hope my suggestion helps and works in the next release of ultra defrag.

                from user of ultraDefrag
                    Ezekiel JB Vegiga


  • Stefan Pendl
    Stefan Pendl

    The layout.ini file doesn't seem to be a good choice, since the system is optimized according to that file once a week by Microsoft defrag, so that the files and folders listed inside are close to each other.

    We even investigated this ability on our own, but found the results not really good.

    On the other hand optimizing by path has shown big performance improvements in many cases for the system drive.

    The key here is to have related files close together, so that the head doesn't need to move a lot to get to them.

    Thanks for your suggestion.


    • EJBNV

      Thanks for the info sir.but we can update the layout.ini file manually by typing in the (rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks)in cmd then pressing [Enter].in my own investigation,the startup times of my computer seems to be faster when its files is sorted by the layout.ini file,sir.thanks for reading and replying in my suggestion sir.God bless

  • Stefan Pendl
    Stefan Pendl

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