#39 Changing UltraDefrag GUI process priority


A 3d icon that is far nicer than the one you folks have now for your fine app in UltraDefrag. I discussed it with StefanPE here https://sourceforge.net/projects/ultradefrag/forums/forum/709672/topic/3690136/index/page/1 and he suggested I send it your way, via this "feature request system" (new to sourceforge guys, so I am new to this). Thanks, see attached .zip file with ,ico file in it (you'll love it guys, trust me) & I also hope you incorporate the Process Priority control Win32 API code into your GUI in usermode too, because it does work and should be VERY easy to implement from my Delphi code example to your C code (mostly all Win32 API so pretty easy "port")... thanks (especially to StefanPE for his assist on your forums in the URL above), & keep up the great work guys! APK


  • 3d-ish more modern icon for UltraDefrag GUI interface from APK

  • Process Explorer (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx) already has discussed feature implemented providing a good workaround for setting the UltraDefrag priority.

    "Nice icon" cannot be accepted, because it looks like a human (or maybe dog's) bowels ;-)

  • Stefan Pendl
    Stefan Pendl

    The process priority change will never be implemented due to risking an unstable software.

    Those who know what they do can use Task Manager or Process Explorer to change the priority.

    One must be very cautious when changing process priority, so it is too dangerous to allow this feature to be used by not experienced people.