Comparison of Udefrag.exe 5.1.1 Vs defrag.exe of Windows 7 Pro x64

  • pierreperret


    I'm surprised and don't understand why i get different result between the udefrag.exe and the defrag.exe about the fragmentation analysis.

    So check what i done :

    Command : udefrag -a -v C:\

    Results :

    C: analyze:  100.00% complete, fragmented/total = 0/74935
    Drive information:
      Total space                  = 195.26 GB
      Free space                   = 182.42 GB
      Total number of files        = 74935
      Number of fragmented files   = 0
      Fragments per file           = 1.00
      Fragmentation                = 0.00%

    Command : defrag -a -v C:\

    Results :

    The operation completed successfully.
    Post Defragmentation Report:
            Volume Information:
                    Volume size                 = 195,25 GB
                    Cluster size                = 4 KB
                    Used space                  = 12,82 GB
                    Free space                  = 182,43 GB
                    Total fragmented space      = 0%
                    Average fragments per file  = 1,00
                    Movable files and folders   = 72389
                    Unmovable files and folders = 17
                    Fragmented files            = 65
                    Total file fragments        = 273
                    Total folders               = 17556
                    Fragmented folders          = 8
                    Total folder fragments      = 8
            Free space:
                    Free space count            = 157
                    Average free space size     = 1,16 GB
                    Largest free space size     = 173,36 GB
            Master File Table (MFT):
                    MFT size                    = 70,50 MB
                    MFT record count            = 72191
                    MFT usage                   = 100%
                    Total MFT fragments         = 2
            Note: File fragments larger than 64MB are not included in the fragmentation statistics.
            You do not need to defragment this volume.

    Why udefrag.exe report there's 0 fragmented files and defrag.exe report there's 65 fragmented files.

    If someone could explain to me


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    • Stefan Pendl
      Stefan Pendl

      We would need to know which files Windows defrag did mark as fragmented, but this information is not available.

      For udefrag, there should be a log file as %UD_INSTALL_DIR%\Logs\udefrag.log, if you could attach that, we would at least be able to know what settings might have been causing this.


  • pierreperret

    Thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunately, i don't have any udefrag.log in my C:\Program Files\UltraDefrag\Logs but only a ultradefrag.log.
    For your information, i didn't defragment my hard drive but only made some analysis (-a -v). Perhaps i should defrag one time with udefrag for get
    a log file ?

    • Stefan Pendl
      Stefan Pendl

      No need to defrag, just set the UD_LOG_FILE_PATH variable before analyzing.

      See the handbook/help/manual => Reporting Bugs => Collecting debugging information to report problems using the console interface.


  • pierreperret

    ok i done it.
    Check it in the attachment.

    Btw, I done without "set UD_DBGPRINT_LEVEL=DETAILED"


    dfrgui.exe on Windows 7 really sucks now o.O

    • Stefan Pendl
      Stefan Pendl

      Thanks for the log, I have now found the problem.

      You are using the command line udefrag -a -v C:\ , which only scans the root folder of the C drive.

      To scan the whole c drive use one of the following command lines:

      udefrag -a -v C:
      udefrag -a- v C:\*

      The first one is the most commonly used one, the second is the one that checks the contents of the specified folder.


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  • pierreperret

    ohhh nice :)

    As you can see, it's better yeah ! I'm happy now and sorry for that, it was simple but i didn't find by myself :( :(

    Result :
    C: analyze: 100.00% complete, fragmented/total = 447/78852

    Drive information:

    Total space = 195.26 GB
    Free space = 182.10 GB

    Total number of files = 78852
    Number of fragmented files = 447
    Fragments per file = 1.00
    Fragmentation = 3.40%

    Thanks Stefan

  • pierreperret

    So now, is there a was to list the fragmented files ? the 447 ones in the log.
    I will read documentation and make some tries for see ^^

    • Stefan Pendl
      Stefan Pendl

      Sorry for the late reply, have been busy and got a bit ill recently.

      The fragmentation report saved to C:\fraglist.luar will list all fragmented files.

      From the GUI window you just select the report action (F8) to display it.


  • Don Chaffins
    Don Chaffins

    Can someone tell me where to find the ultradefrag for 64 bit windows. All I keep coming up with is the 32 bit one. My puter won't use it. I'm rather dumb about most things computer so please make any directions super simple.