To all Ultimate Stunts 3D modellers,


If you ever (tried to) create Ultimate Stunts 3D models, then you know the stunts3dedit editor, and you know that it really isn't user-friendly. Creating a user-friendly editor would really be too much work, so it's probably better to see stunts3dedit as a sort of "conversion tool", and use other editors for modelling.


Luckily, there are some good free 3D modellers out there. One of them is Blender (, which is an excellent modeller IMHO. I created a .blend file that contains a useful viewport-layout and some scripts. Especially importing and exporting .3ds files is useful, as stunts3dedit can import .3ds files. This .blend file (which is attached with this mail) is created for Blender 2.28.


Some .3ds things are not recognised (especially material- and texture-related things), and some Ultimate Stunts specific things are not supported by the .3ds file format (like the LOD system). This is why it will probably always be necessary to use stunts3dedit. OTOH, the most difficult thing, creating the geometry and the texture coordinates, can be done in Blender. Maybe I'll create an Ultimate Stunts export script for Blender, and put Ultimate Stunts specific data in the object name.



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