• dont run in my pc-200 mhz :(

    • I have a pc-200 mhz with w98 1st edition
      What are the requirements?


    • Are you sure you have downloaded the windows install version? That installs the one you'll need.

      Than try to enter the directory and run ultimatestunts.bat - tell me the error message if it still won't work.

    • CJP

      Did you install the latest version?
      Did you install it with the setup program? (= not with the zip files)
      What happens when you try to start it?
      Can you try to start it from a DOS window? (start the command prompt, cd to the directory and start ultimatestunts.bat)
      What is the output in the DOS window?

      With its standard settings, Ultimate Stunts requires a good video card with OpenGL hardware acceleration. An average 200MHz PC usually doesn't have one. If it runs, but extremely slow, then you might want to edit ultimatestunts.conf with a text editor to change the settings.

      I didn't test Ultimate Stunts on win98 for some time. I don't expect many problems, but I know that win98 is slow in printing text to a DOS window. This could slow the game down on win98, but it shouldn't entirely make it impossible to play it.