0.4.7 In windows

  • So many nice advances in 0.4.7! Great Work!

    Though there are some minor problems:
    -the one you might be aware of: Keyboard control is partially lost (camera view change, toogle to other players view)
    -and the one you might not be aware of: A huge loss in framerate on the default track, but there is no problem on the small and the mcp. I don't really know what causes this.

    My computer's configuration: 2.5GHz; AsusP4P8X Motherboard, ATI Radeon 9600 Graphics card, 128 MB RAM.

    Oh, I finished work on the restaurant (waaay better than the hotel) and will soon finish work on the farmhouse (which does not look bad either). Want to take a look?

    • Nice update, this is starting to be realy good.
      Except I find the documentation a bit lacking.

    • CJP

      New keys:
      right alt = camera change
      / = camera toggle
      F1 = music change

      This is changed because of split screen mode. I'll change the docs right now.

      The framerate loss is caused by the extra rendering steps for the reflections on the cars, which is slow especially in split screen mode. The weird thing is that most of the rendering time seems to be in the track, so I'm going to optimise the track rendering. Most of the tiles contain very few polygons, so it should be possible to render them very fast. I think that the problem is that every tile is drawn individually, and generally many small messages to the video card are slower than one big message.

      What information is missing in the docs?

    • Thanks for the update on the keys!

      I'll send you an e-mail soon, please check your mailbox... I include some models I've made. Sorry, but I can't get the stunts3dedit to work, but I guess it is something in the conf file, so I'll check it out soon. The next models will probably be all done when I send them.

    • Okay, e-mails sent to your users.sourceforge.net address. Hope you get them. (And you like them)

    • Oh, and please don't set the camera to / because it is not available on some keyboards (like the hungarian but there are others too). And... what are the controls of Player 2?

      • CJP

        / not available??? How do you type internet addresses with http://url.domain/dir/file?

        By default, player 2 is controlled by the (first) joystick, player 3 by the keypad keys and player 4 by the asdw keys on the left of qwerty-keyboards. But you can set that in ultimatestunts.conf. Note that the first player is called player0, the second player1 etc.

    • You see, these keyboards also have a per on the NUMPAD, and shift+6 is also a /. I guess that on the english keyboard in the lower line (the line of cvbnm) are the keys of ,./ but I have ,.-    Got it? It's a bit confusing but I can't define it any other way. The shift+6 and the numpad / does not work.

      About stunts3dedit: It closes instantly after I open it - so I can't see anything of the consol window; except the few starting letters of each line:
      It gives an error line after loading the first texture, than loads 2 more textures and crashes.

      • CJP

        There really isn't an internationally portable keyboard layout. In previous versions a german complained about the a/z shifting keys. At least you can configure it now in ultimatestunts.conf. If stunts3dedit crashes, then it might be useful to start it from a command prompt explicitly (open a command prompt, goto the right directory and call stunts3dedit) in stead of starting it from explorer. This way the command prompt window won't close, so that you can see error messages.  If that doesn't help you, please report the output to me.

    • It says it can't read from weg1.rgb - no such file or directory. I took a look at it, and there IS NO weg1.rgb in the textures folder!

      • CJP

        Oops, sorry.
        I forgot to update the file textures.dat in the windows releases. It's just a text file (you can open it in wordpad, probably not in notepad), and it describes which textures should be loaded by stunts3dedit. (currently that file is only used by stunts3dedit, in the past it was also used by ultimatestunts.) You can change weg1.rgb to weg2.rgb in that file, and you can also add your own (rgb format) textures there. Don't forget to set the number of textures correctly in the same file. The file format documentation will give you more detailed information.

    • Thanks - I'll take a look into it soon. Right now I'm off to work on the Joe's sign...