is this project dead?

  • i just discover this project about remaking stunts, that's an ultimate idea, but this idea was born a long time ago i see, and i just wanted to know how the progress of this game was, does this project still in progress? or is it dead,
    i hope it's still alive

    • It is alive, and is quite healthy. I make new tiles in my free time (which sometimes aren't as good as I want them to be), CJP gives out a new version about monthly, and there is also a stunts to ultimate stunts track converter in development.

    • ok, thank you for this information, i would like to help this project, but i don't know anything in programmation, language, etc... good luck to workers :)

    • I don't know anything like that either. You can help by translating the website to your own language in the Contribute section.

      You can also try creating new tracks - tracks are stored in the data\tracks folder of Ultimate Stunts, and you can find Documentation on how to do it in the Documentations section of the website.