Steering in 0.4

  • Is it supposed to be able to steer the car in the 0.4 version, if i hold one of the left or right keys i have turned max 1 degree when exiting the map not depending on speed.

    My system:
    Amd xp 2100+
    512 Mb pc 2700 ram
    Ati Radeon 9700
    Windows XP SP1

    • CJP

      You should be able to steer. However, as the wheels are not yet simulated, the car's steering behaviour is more like that of a hovercraft.

      you should be able to steer more than one degree before exiting the map, even when you're driving at full speed.

      BTW, about your system specs: that "DirectX9.0b" doesn't really matter for Ultimate Stunts. Ultimate Stunts doesn't use Direct 3D; instead it uses openGL.

    • Werner Macho
      Werner Macho

      well on my system it compiles very fine and i'm able to steer as cjp described .. (hoovercraft) .. and .. well the collision detection seems to work .. keep on going ..

      greets Werner

    • The steering has worked for me in previous versions but not in the last (just downloaded the precompiled win32 exe). As far as i know i should say it could be something about "frame rate independent" movement.

      And about the btw, i know it uses ogl, but i didn't know about DirectInput.

      • CJP

        Ultimate Stunts uses SDL+openGL for graphics output, fmod for sound output and SDL for input. I don't know how SDL gets its input data: this could be DirectInput.

        The movement in Ultimate Stunts is "frame rate independent". At extremely high framerates this should not give problems, as there is a frame limiter at 100 fps. At low framerates the simulation will be less accurate, and of course the screen won't update fast enough.

        Is there a joystick or a similar steering device attached to your computer? Are you using it? If Ultimate Stunts detects a joystick, it will try to use it. You can avoid this by setting EnableJoystickDevice to false in ultimatestunts.conf, so that you can use the keyboard without trouble. But this is not different from version 0.3.4, so I'm not sure if this is your problem.

    • It works now, without changing anything, must have been some temporary bug. thanks for the replys.

    • I cannot get a Logitech joystick to work. The only options seem to be for "player 3". Is there a way to have a local game with player ONE using the joystick?

      • CJP

        Starting from version 0.7.0, the settings can be edited inside the game through the settings menu. This includes control settings.

        You can look at the control settings of player 4 (input_player3), write down the control names (joy0up & so on), then go to the control settings of player 1 (input_player0) and fill in these values. It may be necessary to change the controls of player 4 to something else too, so that the joystick isn't used for two players at the same time.