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#29 sume bugs

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Robert Koprowski

I was playing Ultimate Stunts on Windows XP and Kubuntu9.10 and I installed it on both OS without any trouble. I was playing this game for several hours and those are the bugs I found:
- Cars are still working under water
- Once, when I was heading towards the jump I realized that I didn't have enough speed to jump over all gap, so I though that I would crash but then I saw my car going literally through the road(landing point) and I was able to continue the race.
- I wanted to test stunts3dedit but I didn't manage to load any *.glb files. Every time a had an error...
- When I was going thorough the loop a camera (the second one) was hidden behind the road, hence I was unable to control my car.
- Every time I was driving TFord it flipped on every possible turn
I think that I fixed a problem with TFord - I edited tford.conf and added
#Center of mass position
centerofmass = 0.0,-0.3, 0.0
which makes TFord more stable. I attached .conf file to this post.


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