#21 superfast F1 mod car errors


I played my game on Windows XP. I downloaded the Windows installer program and installed the game following the on-screen instructions.

After this, I ran the game. On the game I chose the superfast F1 mod car as my car and default.track as my track before selecting ‘Drive!’ in order to play the game.

The level loaded up and before I even pressed any button, the wheels started to spin and the braking sound was produced. I waited a few seconds to see if it stopped but it didn’t. I restarted the level to see if it was an error but it continued.

I decided to accelerate to see what happened and the braking sound continued to sound even though I wasn’t braking. I tried a different track as well but the same thing kept on occurring. This should not happen because I had not even pressed any direction button.

Also on hill2.track, it is impossible to complete the track because as soon as the car goes off the ramp, the car flies into the wall.


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    The Superfast F1 does seem to run a bit better with a manual transmission. Goes flying when you try to turn, though. Be careful, it actually goes fast enough to go through bridges (to crash into the other side), given enough acceleration time. Actually, I suspect what you are hearing is the skid noise, rather than the breaking noise.