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I played my game on Windows XP. I downloaded the Windows installer program and installed the game following the on-screen instructions.

After this, I ran the game. On the game I chose a Ferrari spider as my car and default.track as my track before selecting ‘Drive!’ in order to play the game.

When the track had loaded and the car was ready to drive, I pressed the up direction button to accelerate the car. Immediately, the normal acceleration sound for a vehicle on a road was produced. Then, I tested the brakes by pressing the down direction button. Again, the normal sound for a vehicle braking on a road was produced. As I came up to a corner, I attempted to turn and the car went out of control and flew onto the grass.

When I had control of the car again, I started to accelerate and realised that the same sound was produced for accelerating as it was when I accelerated on the road. This, in realistic terms, should not happen because grass is a totally different texture/surface to concrete. It should make a sliding or bumpy sound. Not only was the sound the same, but the speed was exactly the same as well. Surely a vehicle travels slower on grass.

After realising about the sound, I decided to try the brakes. I pressed the down direction button while driving the car and again, the exact same braking sound was produced. A vehicle does not make a braking sound on grass and in my opinion, this degrades the game. Also, when a brake is applied on grass, the vehicle slides and a sliding sound effect should be applied.

I tried this with different cars and different tracks, and the same problem always occurred.


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    I completely agree. However, I wouldn't call it a bug: I would call it a "missing feature". I have plans for adding this feature in future versions.