#19 Steering too difficult


I played my game on Windows XP. I downloaded the Windows installer program and installed the game following the on-screen instructions.

After this, I ran the game. On the game I chose a Ferrari spider as my car and default.track as my track before selecting ‘Drive!’ in order to play the game.

When the track had loaded and the car was ready to drive, I pressed the up direction button to accelerate the car. I drove the car about 15 seconds and the car continued to speed up. After 15 seconds, I could see on the map that a turn was coming up. I slowed down a lot as this is what you do when actually turning a corner. I must have been going about 30mph and when I pressed the left direction button, the car spun out of control and flew onto the grass, skidding about 100 metres away from where I originally was. After regaining control of the car I found difficulty finding the road again and when I arrived on the road it came up with a five minute penalty time. I drove the car around some more and this happened every time I tried to turn a corner. It is almost impossible to turn a corner successfully and I can’t imagine how someone can race online in this game.

It came across me that it might have been the actual track or car that was causing difficulty so I decided to change both track and car. This time, I chose the Jeep Wrangler and clifftest.track. Once again, the game loaded and I accelerated the car. The first turn was about 30m in front and as soon as I pressed the left direction button the car flipped over and crashed. This was the end of the level – I had failed. This happened three times. So on my fourth attempt, I went as slow as possible around the first corner and successfully turned it. Next up was a long straight road travelling into an area surrounded by cliffs. I accelerated all the way there and ahead of me, once again, was a turn. I braked as much as I could and tried to turn the corner but the jeep flipped and flew into the cliff side. I have literally tried to turn this corner ten times but I cannot do it. To me, it is impossible.

I have played the game more times with different cars and different tracks, and I always encounter the same problem – it is far too difficult to turn corners.


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    Turns in stunts (the original) have always been a pain, especially on bridges or corkscrews. From what I have seen in the new version, the best playable car is the F1 (not the superfast mod), due to road hugging tires and extreme breaking ability. It also seems, for whatever reason, the designer(s) of the new tracks only take F1 into consideration. My poor Lancia Delta Integrale and the Lamborghini LM002 need at least 7 straight tiles to reliably make a jump. But, hey, they are great on dirt tracks.

    Oh, and if you want to turn in a Model T, be prepared to stop dead first. When I try to turn, I fall straight through the track to my doom, because when you go low enough (falling) you wrap around to fall from the top of the screen.