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Notez Bien: after the Great Hosted Apps Retirement of 2014, the µGP collective started porting the documentation to the new wiki system. This process is not finished, yet.

µGP is a computational approach for autonomously pursuing a goal defined by the user. It is a versatile optimizer, and it was demonstrated able to outperform both human experts and conventional heuristics in finding the optimal solution of hard problems.

µGP has been devised in 2002 in the CAD Group at Politecnico di Torino, and subsequently developed thanks to the effort of several people. It is distributed under the GNU Public License; Sourceforge is kindly hosting the project on http://ugp3.sf.net/.

Version 3.1 of the toolkit has been thoroughly described in a book in 2010, but the µGP collective never stopped working. Significant changes and improvements have been implemented ever since. The goal of this wiki is to provide instructions and updated documentation for the users. It aims to be complete and comprehensive, rather than concise and clean.

Project Admins:

Before you start

Using the toolkit

Defining the goal

Tweaking the optimization process


Hacking the toolkit (i.e., welcome aboard!)

Additional info


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