Panasonic G3/G5 support

  • doctordruidphd


    To enable decoding and the color matrix for the G3 and the G5, you need to insert these lines into the file (best place is below the G2 line) before compiling:

        { "Panasonic DMC-G3", 143, 0xfff,
            { 6763,-1919,-863,-3868,11515,2684,-1216,2387,5879 } },
        { "Panasonic DMC-G5", 143, 0xfff,
            { 7122,-2092,-419,-4643,11769,3283,-1363,2413,5944 } },

    The G3 values come from the most recent version of dcraw's code, the G5 values I worked out myself. May not be perfect, but it's workable for now.

  • doctordruidphd

    For the record, how I got these numbers:

    1. Download the latest Adobe DNG converter (free) here:

    This is a windows program, but it will install and run under wine.

    2. Photograph an X-rite Passport, making sure that nothing on it is overexposed. About 1/2 to 1 stop underexposed seems to work best.

    3. Run the DNG converter on your RW2 file.

    4. Install the X-rite profiling software that comes with the Passport; this too is a windows program, but it also works with wine.  Use the .dng from step 3 to create a dcp profile.

    5. Install the dcp2icc tool from:

    6. Run the dcp2icc program on the dcp file you just created with the X-rite software.
    This will print out the color matrix values, which you can then plug in to dcraw.c (or for building ufraw).

    This is how I did it. i didn't say it was easy…

  • Support for the G3 has been in the cvs repository for a while. I hope to get an update for from Dave Coffin soon with the color matrices from ACR 7.2 which includes the G5. I will update the cvs code then.

    Niels Kristian