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16 bit ufraw works here!

  • john_k_h

    Just checking the cvs today, and see that Nils Philippsen has added 'experimental' code for 16 bit ufraw.  I'm using gimp - git - master and the 16 bit ufraw works OK.  Right now gimp-git-master has code in gegl that will open nef files (all raw files?) with dcraw, which is to say that the ufraw-gimp plugin is not being used in gimp master.

    Any way, it works here on 64 bit slackware, and it's nice not to jump thorugh hoops to get the exif data moved from nef to finished jpg.

  • I am glad it works. I only marked it as experimental because I did not test it myself (I have GIMP 2.6.12 and 2.8.4 plus Cinepaint installed).

    Niels Kristian