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Nikon P7100 .nrw loads incorrectly

  • motoprogger

    I have just bought Nikon P7100 and tried to load a raw image file with UFRaw. The result is that the colors are just by-pixel random, but object edges are clearly visible.
    http://motoprogger.tk/p7100.nrw - the raw file
    http://motoprogger.tk/p7100.tiff - the image I get from UFRaw
    http://motoprogger.tk/p7100.jpg - the image I get from my camera
    The other images look the similar way.
    Using ufraw version 0.16-3+b1 (Debian).
    How should I configure ufraw or what information do I need to provide to get proper images?

  • You must upgrade to UFRaw 0.18 to get support for the Nikon Coolpix P7100.

    Niels Kristian

  • James Tappin
    James Tappin

    Or better the current CVS, which has support for the WB settings.