#374 Unexpected results when using --rotate with angle extracted from a *.ufraw xml file

Manuel Koch

Using ufraw from Mac Ports:
"ufraw-batch --version" output is
ufraw-batch 0.19.2
EXIV2 enabled.
JPEG enabled.
JPEG2000 (libjasper) enabled.
TIFF enabled.
PNG enabled.
FITS enabled.
ZIP enabled.
BZIP2 enabled.
LENSFUN enabled.

The --rotate command line option creates unexpected output when applying rotation angle of one *.ufraw to same RAW image using ufraw-batch.

I try to run ufraw to adjust setting when converting a RAW to TIF.
Afterwards I extract the used rotation angle from the xml ( e.g. 80 )
Then I run ufraw-batch again for the same RAW image and use the same angle with --rotate=80.
( actually I used -100° in GUI when converting the RAW to rotate 10° counterclockwise with respect to proper camera orientation ).

The output TIF of ufraw-batch looks odd because the applied rotation angle seems not be visually equal to what ufraw performed when doing it graphically !?

Maybe it is just a misinterpretation of the *.ufraw xml content.
Can the rotation angle be used as-is or do I need to consider the orientation too before calculation the real angle to be used for --rotate ??