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Getting closer to the next stable release

After a year of development, branch 0.7.x brings a lot of major changes like the availability of a free set of graphics, much improved performance, high portability (x86, amd64, ppc, arm), night missions support, ability to continue interrupted game on the server and many other improvements.

It is time to make the next stable release 0.8.x Things that are still needed to be done: fix the most annoying of the remaining bugs, update docs, prepare packages for different platforms and distributions.

Posted by Siarhei Siamashka 2006-04-13

UFO2000 version 0.3.60 released

Changes for this version include:
- improved chat console: added support for unicode, xcom fonts and multiple languages
- added local and remote version compatibility check for network play
- time limit for game turns is now supported
- some new sounds and also background music added
- added mutons and sectoids (only their skins)
- accuracy calculation algorithm changed
- fixed fullscreen related problems in linix version
- better looking main menu
- fixed bug with proximity grenades
- many other bugfixes

Posted by Alexander Sabourenkov 2003-06-21

Source repository location revealed

The ufo2000 source code is at http://lxnt.info:8888/repos/ufo2k/ under Subversion (http://subversion.tigris.org/) revision control.

Posted by Alexander Sabourenkov 2003-05-26

Mailing list available

For quite a long time we used a mailing list for development discussions and end-user support. It is and always has been open for subscription.

If you need fastest possible response to your questions and/or suggestions, please subscribe to ufo2000@lxnt.info.

Mailman interface is available at http://lxnt.info/mailman/listinfo/ufo2000

Posted by Alexander Sabourenkov 2003-05-26

ufo2000 0.3.51 available

Version 0.3.51 being ready for more than two weeks finally made it to the sourceforge. Incendiary ammunition and smoke were implemented, some bugfixes and miscellaneous features were added.

Posted by Alexander Sabourenkov 2002-11-20