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Guillaume Lemay


Download the latest version:


Simply extract the files in a folder of your choice. No installation is required.


You should always make sure that the dongle is plugged in before starting the application


Run the uDrawTablet application. That's it! You should be able to control the mouse using the tablet.


The 4 PlayStation buttons act as media keys.
Press X : Play/Pause media key
Press O : Next track media key
Press Square : Previous track media key
Press Triangle : Mute

The directional pad (buttons on the left) control the mouse behavior.
Press down: When held, clicking will right click at the cursor location
Press left: Move back (thumb button on a mouse)
Press right: Move forward (thumb button on a mouse)
Press up: Mouse wheel mode. Moving the pen will act as if you use the scroll wheel on a mouse. Clicking while holding up will act as clicking the mouse wheel (middle click).


You can press the PS button (top left) to show the preferences window. There you can choose what triggers movement and clicking, and change sensitivity.
Note that settings are effective immediately but aren't saved for subsequent use of the application unless you click the save button.