#138 uControl fails with Tiger


Not surprisingly, uControl 1.4.6 fails to load with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).


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    Note that a few of uControl's capabilities have been absorbed into the OS with Tiger. Not all, but some, and especially capslock/control switching.

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    While it is true that modifier keyboard mappings can now be changed in
    tiger via the Keyboard preference pane, it does not allow settings to be
    different for different keyboards, which uControl did very well, meaning
    that only my external keyboard would be remapped, while the builtin
    keyboard on my laptop would keep its original mapping. So, now, under
    tiger, every time I take my laptop on the road, I have to manually reset the
    key mappings when I start up.

  • Chris Cogdon
    Chris Cogdon

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    If you were using uControl to swap the option and command keys (ie, for
    using a PC keyboard on your Mac), then you should know that the ability
    to do that is now in the 'keyboard' section of the System Preferences.

  • Francis Uy
    Francis Uy

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    Damn, I can't find a way to swap option and command for my
    outboard logitech but not the builtin. Tiger tiger, burning
    bright ...

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    Double Command doesn't work either, so us Powerbooks users (yes, enter
    key, I'm talking to you) are completely stranded for now :(

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    I especially miss the Fn-scroll.

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    uControl's most useful functionality to me was the ability to recognize
    mulitple keyboards. This was a lifesaver with my powerbook with which I
    use a micro-portable windows keyboard. despite the new funcionality for
    keyboards in OS 10.4, i still need ucontrol for tiger.

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    I'm dying without fn-scroll. For me, it's an accessability issue.

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    are you planing to fix this? I need my fn-scroll!

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    Please etc.

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    another show of desire for a Tiger update, at least to bring back Fn-scroll!