UCK 1.4 released

* GUI:
* Fix for bug 73950 (uck fails on starting adept) - added checking
if adept or adept_manager is installed and running package app
* Changed messages to apply to customization menu.
* Changed information about upgrading kernels - now upgrading kernel should
be possible.
* Added check for running GUI as root.
* Added function for reporting gui errors.
* Added check for CD size at the end of build process - implements
wish 56132.

  • Backend:
    • Added trapping signals to unmount filesystems in case of error.
    • Added exporting proper *REMASTER_DIR environment variables to use in
      customization scripts.
    • Added customization menu in localized_cd with options to run console or package manager.
    • Added workaround in localized_cd for bug when running kdialog as first app in session.
    • Added code to install latest kernel on CD in
      localized_cd/customize_iso. Allows upgrade of kernels inside root filesystem.
    • Added unmounting squashFs filesystem in unmount_all.
    • Added merging X cookie into both user and /root directories.
      Seems some apps look for it in one and others in the other directory :/
    • Fixed bug in merging Xcookie - order of arguments was reversed, so cookie
      was in fact merged in user, not /root directory.
    • Added UCK as preparer in ISO image :)
    • Fixed bug in dialog_menu in gui.sh library - it did not handle choices with spaces.
    • Moved unmounting before removing remastering directories.
    • Added lazy unmounting using "umount -l" and more thorough
      unmounting checks.

* customize-cd-gui was renamed to uck-gui

* Applied fix for bootchart not installed on local machine (by Jyrki
Muukkonen), see bug 72842.


Posted by Fabrizio Balliano 2007-02-16