UCCASS - PHP Survey System v1.06 Released

I found a couple bugs and another was brought to my attention so I decided to do another release. Changes are as follows:

1) Fixed a bug that would add page breaks to multiple surveys when adding a page break to one survey. The "ghost" page breaks could mess up dependencies and interfere with question order on other surveys.
Files Changed: survey.class.php

2) Fixed bug so that timing data was removed when the answers were cleared from surveys.
Files Changed: survey.class.php

3) Fixed bug dealing with HTML labels on MM and MS answer types. The actual words of the answer, the answer values, have a <label> tag around them so you can click on the words instead of the actual radio or check button. The unique ID given to each label was not unique if two questions on the same page used the same answer type. This bug fixes the label ID so they are unique.
Files changed: take_survey_question_MM_V.tpl, take_survey_question_MM_H.tpl, take_survey_question_MS_V.tpl and take_survey_question_MS_H.tpl

To upgrade you can:

1) Copy all files in v1.06 package to your direcotory, overwriting all of the old v1.04 or v1.05 files and run the install.php file to set your configuration. If upgrading, be sure to choose the Upgrade option upon installation or otherwise choose New Installation.

2) If you are running v1.05 you can just copy the five files listed above to your v1.05 directory and overwrite the five old files. You will not need to run the installation process again so long as you do not overwrite or remove your survey.ini.php file.

Posted by John Holmes 2004-07-20