#6 Problem with Order of Navigation Buttons on Survey

Interface (1)

When a user takes a survey, there are a set of buttons at the very bottom of each page. While the user is in the middle of taking a survey these buttons are (in order):

1) Quit Survey - Do not save answers
2) << Previous Page
3) Next Page >>

and when the user is at the last page of the survey, the questions are (in order):

1) Quit Survey - Do not save answers
2) << Previous Page
3) Finish.

In either case, the quit button is the first one in line.

Here is the problem:

Some users, when they have finished responding to the last question, feel inclined to hit enter to finish their survey. During my testing, I have found that both the Mozilla Firefox and IE browsers apply the users click to the Quit button. So, when users press enter on the final page, instead of submitting the survey as expected, the survey responses are lost and the user is returned to the main menu.

Here is what I have done to try to solve the problem:

I found that by reordering the three navigation buttons, (in the \templates\Default\take_survey.tpl file) this situation can be avoided. I've attached a file that implements this change. I consider this a work around and not a solution.

I also tried inserting JavaScript code (into the same file) that prompts the user to decide if they really want to exit into the same file, but I ran into some problems with Smarty when I did this (I admit that I know very little about Smarty at this point and would appreciate some pointers on how to implement this last idea).

I only mention this problem because four out of four people that used my first survey made the "Press Enter to finish, Oops now I've exited" problem.

Thanks for any help - I've really enjoyed using this tool so far!



  • Jim

    File implementing change in order of navigation buttons