#5 Show a question from the result of a PHP script

Admin (4)

It is possible to show or hide a question from one
answer of a question.

The problem is when you want to show a question usinf
the result of several answers of a question, or from
several answers of several questions.

It can be usefull in complex polls, when it is
difficult to ask something in one time.

Example: you want to define the complete configuration
of the PC of the person before to ask more questions,
and some next question will depend on the version of
the operating system AND the model of the graphic card.

If there are a lot of conditions before to show or to
hide a question, it can be difficult to define them in
the standard admin interface.

In the example, you could decide that a version greater
than xxx is required to ask the next question: I
couldn't find the way to do this in the standard admin

So the idea is to let the admin to define a set of
conditions using an external PHP script, and to use
just the result of the script to decide if the questio
has to be shown or not.

Great if you can add this feature. Thank you for all
the work you done!