#1 Bulk load survey takers

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Would be nice if it were possible to bulk load a large
number of survey takers into an invitation only survey.
I.e., upload a text file of email addresses then have the
invitations sent out.


  • Bakkulf

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    I managed this with simple SQL inserts, generated with an
    Excel-document. In column A i put the "Full Name", the
    e-mail for the user in col. B. In the C-column, I put a user
    ID, increasing by 1, starting with the current largest user
    ID (you get it from the table user_sequence).

    That is:
    A2: Nathan Newuser
    B2: nathan@user.com
    C2: 31 (formula: =C1+1)

    Then you need to know which sid your survey has; in my
    example 29. For normal users (just premitted to answer, the
    status will be 1, and the results_priv = 0).

    Use Excel to generate SQL like this:

    INSERT INTO users (uid, sid, name, email, status,
    results_priv) VALUES (31, 29, 'Nathan Newuser',
    'nathan@user.com', 1, 0);

    You can do this by inserting the followin formula into col. D2:
    ="INSERT INTO users (uid, sid, name, email, status,
    results_priv) VALUES (" & C2 & ", 29, '" & A2 & "', '" & B2
    & "', 1, 0);"

    Then you copy the ID-column (C) and the SQL-generating
    column (D) down as many rows as needed. Mark all data in
    col. D, copy and paste into your SQL manager/mysql-prompt.

    Then; at last update the sequence-table using:
    UPDATE users_sequence SET id=xx
    XX = the highest value from your col. C (user ID).

    Works very fine for me, hope it will work for you too :)
    Best regards,