UberMQ now licensed under the GPL

UberMQ is now licensed under the GPL, as opposed to the LGPL as previously. We have made this decision for a number of reasons. First of all, I would like to continue development on this project but it has proved impossible to build a revenue stream on a product which is free. Incontrovertible laws of economics I suppose.

Second, I want to make a more firm commitment to free software and I believe that the LGPL actually undercuts such an effort. GPL software encourages and forces more people to produce quality open-source software.

Anyone who is currently using UberMQ in a commercial setting, please contact me (jimmyp, the project admin) and we will come to an agreement on terms for commercial licensing. I will try to be very flexible in accordance with your needs and the fact that you had considered this to be free and unencumbered software.

Thank you for your support. I welcome any comments or questions about this decision.

Posted by Jimmy P 2003-03-12