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#10 7-Zip problem

Michael Lee
Gert Hulselmans

I didn't had 7zip installed (on linux), when I pressed execute in the Extract dialog.

I got the message "Could not find 7-Zip executable", which is normal.

Then I installed the 7-zip executable and pressed Execute again (without going trough all steps again).

I got the message "Could not find 7-Zip executable", which is normal.

When I go to the Settings dialog, the "Select the 7-Zip executable:" icon is green.

When I execute the following in a console:
$ which 7z

So 7z is located on another place than the "Select the 7-Zip executable:" thing thinks (should be red).

To find 7z on the first run:
1) check /usr/bin/7z
2) if not found, check /usr/local/bin/7z
3) else, display red icon.

When I try to extract the iso again (7-zip set to /usr/bin/7z) it doesn't work ("Could not find 7-Zip executable")

When I close the program and start it again, the 7-zip setting is back to /usr/local/bin/7z.

When 7-zip is not found:

* Point the linux users to:

* Point the windows users to:

Or you can also use the java based 7-zip, when a native version can't be found and the user don't want to install a native version. I don't know if the java version works.


  • When I use the "Select" button of the Settings dialog to navigate to /usr/bin/7z, the extracting works. But when I change /usr/local/bin/7z to /usr/bin/7z by deleting /local (+ SAVE), it doesn't work.

    The Select button opens every time in the home directory. It would be nice if it reads the path, which is set in the "Select the 7-Zip executable:" box and strips it to the directory path. If the directory path doesn't exist, use the home directory.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee

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