Known Bugs (webpage) +PMagic +UBCD2 +Custmise

  • Faze

    I though better to post all in one post, not to spam the board.

    Known bugs here i'm looking at v5.0.2 are the known bugs below the current ones. Or are these fixed ones in latest v5.0.2 cd image to be downloaded !

    PMagic Damn i nearly ran away from the site. As the windows software Partition Magic is a drive destroyer. Thought if ubcd was using that then how bad is ubcd. Ok i din't this time, but am certain i have done so in the past.

    UBCD2 Well on the cusomise page you could have links to these, or maybe they are on the cd image ? Are they unix, windows or linux tools. I'm on windows only can they be used from windows command console ?

    Will have a look here for them instead.

    There's no instructions how to put the cd back to a cd image except this.
    " cd \ubcd-extracted\ubcd\tools\win32\ubcd2iso
    ubcd2iso c:\ubcd-extracted c:\ubcd50-custom.iso"
    Does ubcd make also the boot image and set up the cd for booting. Or maybe for linux cd it doesn't need a boot image on cd to boot from !