Solution to run on recent Linux kernels.


  • Anonymous

    I haven't been using my U3 stick for quite some time (pre Linux 3.0), before this it ran perfectly.

    However, recent updates makes the sg subsystem incompatible with u3-tool, I haven't been able to pinpoint the exact reason but I can confirm it to be working on 2.6.39 at least. So somewhere in between now (3.2.4) and then.

    The solution I took to at least unlock my stick for now was to force the usage of libusb, the configure script for this however seems broken and I was forced to do a manual compilation in ./src/;

    gcc -lusb  -g -O2   -o u3-tool u3_tool-display_progress.o u3_tool-main.o u3_tool-md5.o u3_tool-secure_input.o u3_tool-u3_commands.o u3_tool-u3_error.o u3_tool-u3_scsi_usb.o u3_tool-u3_scsi_spt.o u3_tool-u3_scsi_sg.o


    modprobe -r usb-storage
    ./u3-tool -u scan
    modprobe usb-storage

    This works for now, I'll be back when i've pinpointed the exact reason for not properly sending identifying the U3 subsystem.