Feedback please - skills docs enclosed

  • Peter Mularien
    Peter Mularien

    I went through the code and documented the effects of all the skills. I indicated which skills get "better" if you train them, and which skills aid in item identification.

    Question 1: Is this useful (I'd guess so)
    Question 2: Any errors/misstatements?
    Question 3: Where should this go? Is it too much of a spoiler for players?

    {hopefully SF doesn't mess up the formatting :P }

    + -> Increases likelihood of item identification
    * -> Learning "more" skill matters

    Riding -> Not used
    +*Archery -> Increases ranged weapon skill (likelihood of a hit), ranged weapon damage, and lowers APS for

    ranged weapons, increases likelihood of identifying ranged weapons
    *Athletics -> Increases move speed, increases Jump distance (>1)
    +*Throwing -> Increases thrown weapon skill, applies weapon damage (vs. default impact damage), decreases

    cost to throw, increases likelihood of identifying throwing weapons
    *Tracking -> Adds more animals to outdoors maps
    Climbing -> Allows you to move on mountain tiles
    *Dodge -> Increases defense skill, increases difficulty of hitting a target with a ranged weapon
    Parry -> Not used
    *Ferocity -> Increases speed of attack
    *Unarmed Combat -> Increases attack skill and strength with no weapon wielded, increases defense skill

    (independent of weapon)
    Mighty Blow -> Not used
    Bravery -> Unaffected by fear, improves defense when fighting multiple enemies
    +*Weapon Lore -> When viewing items, displays damage type, base attack cost, and any extra damage (e.g.

    rune), increases likelihood of identifying weapons and armour
    *Alertness -> Increases the likelihood of automatically finding hidden things (while moving)
    *Pickpocket -> Allows you to steal items
    *Lockpicking -> If you have a lockpick, increases your odds of picking a lock
    *Disarm Traps -> Allows you to try to disarm traps
    +*Prayer -> Increases the effectiveness of prayers, increases likelihood of detecting blessed/cursed

    items, increases recharge rate for users of Holy Magic
    +*Holy Magic -> Increases likelihood of detecting blessed/cursed items, allows Holy Magic spell casting

    (note better skill here does not improve spell casting, only bless/curse identification)
    Meditation -> Not used
    *Healing -> Increases the Hero's speed of HP regeneration
    +*Literacy -> Allows the Hero to read readable items, Increases the likelihood of identifying scrolls and

    books, decreases the cost of reading books
    +*Identify -> Allows the Hero to be able to identify any item (increases base likelihood)
    +*Alchemy -> Increases likelihood of identifying potions, allows user to read recipe books
    Languages -> Not used
    +*Rune Lore -> Increases likelihood of identifying runes, allows user to read runes inscribed on items,

    allows user to scribe runes, allows user to make runes
    +*Herb Lore -> Increases likelihood of identifying herbs, increases likelihood of finding herbs outdoors,

    allows user to use herb recipe books, decreases likelihood of cursed herbs
    Black Magic -> Allows the Hero to cast black magic spells
    True Magic -> Allows the Hero to cast true magic spells
    *Magic Resistance -> Increases the Hero's magic defense (ability to resist the effects of spells)
    *Casting -> Allows the Hero to cast spells, items will show up as magical, increases the skill of a cast

    spell, decreases the time to cast a spell
    Music -> Not used
    Perception -> Indicates whether items can be identified, indicates what stats increased when stats gain
    *Sleight of Hand -> Allows the hero to catch returning weapons, decreases the cost of certain actions
    Storytelling -> Not used
    Seduction -> Not used
    Painting -> Not used
    *Smithing -> Increases likelihood of identifying weapons or armour
    Stealth -> Not used
    *Mining -> Allows you to dig through rock and other diggable things
    Appraisal -> Allows you to determine the value of items on inspection
    Woodwork -> Not used
    Ropework -> Not used
    Construction -> Not used
    *Trading -> Decreases the cost of training and item repair, increases the value of items sold at shops
    *Farming -> Increases the likelihood of finding food outdoors
    +*Cooking -> Increases the likelihood of identifying food items
    *Focus -> Increases the rate of recharge of magic spells

    • This is very helpful, I always wondered if skills such as mighty blows are indeed yet fully implemented in the game.

      Too much spoiler? Of course not :o) If it was for me, the players should be given the exact formulas in order to create effective characters. Right now, it all seems a little bit of guessing here and guessing there. Only with exact information it is possible to submit some bugs about game mechanics.

      I think some skills might be missing. Attack and defense for instance. Casting should be labeled Spellcasting. What about the magic subtypes? Levels in True Magic indeed increase the power of spells. So leveling in magic types does give some benefit, doesn't it?

      Could you elaborate on this one here:
      "Perception -> Indicates whether items can be identified, indicates what stats increased when stats gain"

      So much for the moment and thanks for the explanations.
      - Nico

    • Peter Mularien
      Peter Mularien

      Trying to respond >

      Attack / defense and other personal skills (IN, CH, etc) I will post a separate document on - this is intended to be only the true skills (that show up under "Apply Skill")

      I will check out leveling in magic types. It appears (to me) that the level of spells that you receive (e.g. in random spellbooks) is related to your character level, and not any particular skill.

      You are correct that for whatever Magic skill you have (Holy, Black, True) the level of the skill affects the power of the spell. The amount of affect, however, is exactly the same as if you increase your Casting skill - so still, increasing Casting is "better" than increasing the Magic skill.

      Perception - is responsible for displaying "there is more to this item than meets the eye" (meaning it is possible to identify it and get its true name) and "you feel stronger", etc when you level up - basically giving you more information.

      Hope that makes sense?

    • With attack and defense I meant the proper skills, not attack and defense rating. Also, survival is not included. I did not check all skills, so some more could be missing. In quick start debug mode, all skills should be listed.

      It's good that you intend to do the character attributes and other important values, too. That could help to solve some mysteries on magic, for example.

      - Nico

    • Mike Anderson
      Mike Anderson

      Good work - I'd been planning to write up something like this, but with my limited time to spend on Tyrant between coding and writing docs the coding usually wins ;-)

      I don't think this stuff is too much of a spoiler - I think the skills, races and professions should be well documented for players who want to read them.

      Regarding where this should go - I'd like to get these kind of things on the web page for players to use as reference material - can you add some html markup so that I can do this?

    • Peter Mularien
      Peter Mularien

      Sure thing ~

    • Tom Demuyt
      Tom Demuyt


      I am planning to put this as in-game help text.
      Any objections ? Any pet peeves that people want to see fixed first ?