Slow gameplay on Mac OS

  • I was wondering what I could do to speed up the play. It takes a few seconds to even move which is unbearably slow. I am new to Java but would like to help out developing! I'll soon have eclipse and all that. Feel free to contact me at

    • Tom Demuyt
      Tom Demuyt

      There is a problem with Tyrant on Tiger with Tiger. Once we have a developer on that platform, we can look for a solution. So far I only have Panther and am very happy with Panther.

      I can forward you a technical mail by a very friendly player that has analyzed the problem in detail.


      • Mike Anderson
        Mike Anderson

        Can't do much here myself as I don't have a Tiger machine available - but happy to look at a detailed report and try and guess the cause.

    • Sure go right ahead. Just use the above addy. I've heard a lot of problems people have had with Tiger versus Panther.