Can friendly NPC give me something

  • Hi All,

    I have just started playing Tyrant, so I want to ask - can friendly NPC give me something? For instance, if I kill insects that attact villagers - can villagers give me some money for this?

    • Mike Anderson
      Mike Anderson

      They don't currently do that. But it certainly makes sense for a future version.

      Currently you just gain the experience and any treasure the critters drop.

    • > But it certainly makes sense for a future version

      Yes, that would be good. For instance, Innkeeper asks you to clear his cellar from monsters and promises a reward for this.  You go down the cellar,  commit the task, go back to the Innkeeper, enter chat command and he says Thanks, here is 5 gold coins for you.

    • Dragonlady

      It might be nice to give the innkeeper his keys back after ridding the dungeon of the rats and looting the attic and have him give you coin or a special tip, ie. hint for one of the quests.