Whatever happened to Tyrant?

  • I'm new here, and I found Tyrant off of a Google search for adventure games. I was just wondering what made Tyrant "die". If there's already a thread/page on this, my apologies and please direct me to it. I saw someone mention that Tyrant died, and the most recent update on the News page is in 2006. Besides this, the pages other than the home page on the tyrant.sourceforge.net don't work... Please, tell me what happened.

    • Felix

      As someone who played the game a lot and even considered joining the dev team, I may have some partial answers. You see, the game had no clear direction. It's hard to explain whitout going into technical detail, but neither the source code nor the development process made it easy for new developers (or old ones, for that matter) fix the existing issues. So the devs focused on new features only, which wasn't all bad, as they made the game into what it is now. But the lack of balance and the perpetually unsolved bugs made people lose interest, and (as you may know) roguelikes are already a niche genre. So in the end everyone just got tired, I guess.

      I hope this answers your question. It's sad, but sometimes software projects die.

    • ...


      What about the mysterious entity that signs his/her name "T"? Is he/she keeping the game living, even if it is in a vegetative state?

      • Tom Demuyt
        Tom Demuyt


        * What about the mysterious entity that signs his/her name "T"? Is he/she keeping the game living ?

        T is not keeping it alive, even in a vegetative state ;(

        * Why are you not keeping it alive ??

        I fixed all the bugs that were reported at the time and then left Tyrant development because I got so little feedback. It is pretty much a completed game after all.

        * What about those dead pages ?

        Sadly enough, I do not have the authorizations that mikera has to fix the web pages & all, so that doesn't help to attract new developers and players...

        * What can be done about it ?

        I guess I could donate again some more to sourceforge and then contest this project and fix those pages.

        * So will you ?

        Err, probably not. I have writers block for the moment and cant even finish my own pet project.

        I hope you all are playing the latest version by me ? It fixes a lot of bugs.

    • Felix

      No idea. Let's wait and see if somebody else is still watching this forum.

    • HA!

      I was reading deep in the archives of this forum... and it seems that Tyrant "died" and was resurrected before!


      • Felix

        Well, I guess a game that makes people so passionate could make a comeback :-)


    • Andy Korth
      Andy Korth

      People get busy, real life gets in the way... Maybe someone else will pick up the project or some developers will come back some day- who knows.

    • I also miss Tyrant. As a long time nethack fan, it seemed promising. Ben

    • WOW! Somebody in semi-demi-authority comes!

      And what period of time elapsed in this forum without any input before I made my little post? ...months?

      I've accomplished something. :P

      It would be a real pity if the project were to end up in the trashbin. And here's someone who could save it from such a fate... could you give us some sort of a date? even tentative? even subject to change? but by less than four months?

      'Twould be a joyous event.

      (And I'm playing the version that's on tyrant.sourceforge.net, so probably not. Are you allowed to make an external sight for player's sake so they could get to the latest version online instead of having to download it? Just a wild thought out of nowhere.)

    • BAH! That last paragraph looks confusing, now that I've posted it.

      The "probably not" at the end of the first sentence refers to if we were playing the more fixed-up version that you made. And "external sight" is supposed to be "external site", as in, not in Sourceforge.

      • Tom Demuyt
        Tom Demuyt


        Look around, see if you like the changes.

        Read the forums ( here ) for stuff that is not super clear ( like the recall stuff ).


        • Felix

          Glad to see someone's still around. I'm not sure I played this unofficial version either. Guess I should check, eh?

    • Woohoo! Keep up the good work T!

      I'll definitely be checking up on that site you have posted.



      Maybe you could add some FAQ/Getting Started/high scores/screenshots/documentation like the original Tyrant site has? only have it be there, instead of the pages being broken?

      (Yes, I know me. Always thankless, always asking for more, more, more. But still...)

    • Tried your latest, and saw some nice changes. Menus now render correctly (for me), and the short time I played game balance seemed much better - food use, damage to me and monsters, maybe more - did not play long... Ben

      • Tom Demuyt
        Tom Demuyt




    • Minor bug... Holding down an arrow key to attack freezes my system. Buffer overflow? Not  a big problem but some times I forget. Thanks again Ben

      • Tom Demuyt
        Tom Demuyt

        >Minor bug... Holding down an arrow key to attack freezes my system. Buffer overflow?

        Hmm, unlikely. What is your system exactly ?

        I've been testing and the most likely thing could be that you missed a message and had to press space, silly game will only accept space at that moment and thus it might seems crashed since it wont accept anything else ( for example if you died during your attack or something serious happened ) so press space and enter after it seems crashed.

        Bugs I will address ( OMG, did I say that ... )
        - Right click in non playing screens ( inventory , messages etc ) will exit to play screen like in lost labyrinth
        - Peity becomes Piety ;)
        - Pressing enter in first screen should not start a character in debug mode ( eeew )

        I will most likely also address the NPC's that are willing to trade, right now the interface for that is horrible, you basically need to be spoiled in order to trade with the forest priest for scrolls or with the 'rings for potions' lady.


    • I am using an old java, but I had not seen this before. Don't spend time on this it is easy to avoid. Another supprise - I was killed by a "chest" trap/bomb and I thought the system trapped. Looking at messages I discovered I had died. Perhaps a explosion graphic  or ? would be nice. Thanks again for the revival... Ben

    • Mike Anderson
      Mike Anderson


      For those who are interested (and there clearly is some interest!) I haven't been working on Tyrant for a while because many other things have been keeping me busy for the past couple of years.

      Probably will be like that for the foreseeable future - I certainly haven't lost interest in Tyrant but there are only so many projects you can work on at any one time. I will drop by from time to time to make the occasional update.

      Tom - very happy for you to be an admin etc.