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Icon Problem - Path to long ?

  • Nils

    Hi guys,

    I deployed a typo3 site which looks fine in my development enviroment. Now I wanted to go live and therefore configured an Apache virtual host pointing to my document folder(Apache\typo3_src) in order to bypass the normal "winstaller entry page" in htdocs. I also changed the rewrite directive in the .htaccess to .* /index.php.

    Everything is OK - except the icons linked to the typo3 download funtion (like pdf.gif if you offer a pdf-file to download). Altough both paths (to the pdf-file and the pdf.gif) are correct and relative to my document folder, only the pdf-file itself is reachable. The associated gif is not displayed. Since the path to the pdf-file is shorter (/uploads/media/*.pdf)than the path to the pdf.gif (/typo3/sysext/cms/tslib/media/fileicons/pdf.gif)it might be a problem of the path length. This is realy annoying.

    Anyone a good idea? Any best practice procedure to publish a site in the typo3_src folder?

    Thanx in advance