version 0.3.0 released !

I'm pleased to announce that Version 0.3.0 has been released.
It is based on a merged version of release 0.2.2 and 0.3RC1 (this release was only based on 0.2.0).

for details...

From release 0.2.0, you will find those improvements:
- automatic mesh splitting (Metis) and parallel computations
- NS first order computation (up to 20 procs at least)
- NS second order computation (slightly different results at interfaces)
- Unsteady synchronization in parallel computations (timestep)
- optimization of CPU cost for gradient optimization (nearly 50%)
- Fast MUSCL method (for high quality meshes)
- Kim's 3rd order limiter (only for Fast MUSCL method for now)
- test of internal energy positivity (output of bad cell index if not positive)

VALIDATION cases (CGNS files and main.rpm files) can be found by anonymous CVS server:
cvs -z5 export TYPHON/VALIDATION

The development team,

Posted by Jeremie Gressier 2006-03-06