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Current status

Currently Type'n'play can:
- Play songs randomly
- Search and play a song title
- Play a song queue (append [F1] or prepend [F2] by title search)
- Stop playing after a defined number of songs [F4]
- Select an album by search [F3] and play songs from it randomly

The web-based management interface now imports songs using the id3v2 information included in the files. The import code will just need some cleaning, sometimes nameless albums are created etc.

I presently am running Type'n'play on a MicroATX VIA EPIA board and on an old ThinkPad 600, both running under Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server.
I will try it on a NSLU2 as soon as I have one, hopefully the latest debian release will work with my USB audio card.

Posted by Pixel83 2007-04-10